Irvine buys AMD campus

The Irvine Company just chipped off another piece of Sunnyvale.

The Newport Beach developer on Tuesday acquired the 32.5-acre Advanced Micro Devices headquarters campus, paying $175 million for one of the region’s largest infill residential plays, public records confirm.

I had the chance to buy a small house on the other side of 101, near the Saigon restaurant. Back in 2014 I think. Stupidly I didn’t bite. Regretting it ever since…

North Sunnyvale is getting hotter.

Will they actually be allowed to build residential there though? No city wants more residents which require more services than businesses. They’ve learned housing is a money loser for cities.

Article says the site’s already zoned for residential. So yes.

That’s crazy. We need more housing!

God, I haven’t seen that name (AMD) in so long… bring back Atari I say!!!

My question is: Where will AMD go?? The company is still around. You should look at their stock price. On fire this year…

Should have bought AMD in Feb. Returns would have been 200% instead of measly 30% I’m getting from FB :cry:.

But then again I’m not GOD & hindsight is 20/20

Hmmm, It is a kind of Historical landmark for bay area.

Irvine company, we need to rename to BayArea Company as they took lot of lands converted into apartment homes !

I’m pretty sure they don’t need that big of campus anymore. It’s the cycle of life. Cisco and HP have downsized some too. Nvidia is building something new. They’ve made some smart plays in automotive.

I think the end game for AMD is to sell itself to China.

Oh yea, I have been kicking myself for that area too. I think that area appreciated from 650K (1100 sqft house) to 850K - 900K in 2.5yrs.

EXACTLY!!! Boy, you are rubbing sand into my wound…

My biggest mistake was taking my parents to see the house. They were in town and we were going to Saigon for dim sum. So I figured I will just stop by and check it out. Boy, and my mom just nitpicked on this and that. Even after I told her I was specifically looking for crappy houses. Her negative energy sank my enthusiasm and I let the deal passed…

:sob: :sob: :sob:

NEVER take your mom to see houses. I paid $200K (and counting) for that lesson.

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Nope, my mom has a keen eye for homes (probably sharpened after years of mah jong playing). When my bro had a place in the city a long time ago, bought for $200K sold years later for $1.1M. Mom was there to suggest that he go look at it in the first place. Years later, I come across my primary home that I honestly was questioning whether I should go above budget to the private seller and I had my mom give her $.02. She said to buy, said its a nice large corner home. Now, worth easily 1.5M or more according to my CPA neighbor. Thanks Mom!!! Love you!!!

Does your mom always say “buy”?

Of course, she is like you…:wink:

Was it before or after dim sum? That might have a lot to say about the decision.

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Now that you mentioned it it was BEFORE dim sum!!! Oh my God!

Now you have to blame yourself, manch :slight_smile: