Is A Fireplace A Must Have?

I think it depends on the area. If I were in Boston, I would definitely want one in case the power and gas went out. I’m all for not freezing to death.

Here, I think fireplaces are a luxury. You turn it on because you want to sit around and have a family snuggle. We have one, but it’s walled off by drawers for the kids activities and doesn’t have a couch to snuggle on. My son really really really wanted to have a fire, so we went outside and had one on a dirt patch in the backyard instead. Sat around it and lit marshmallows.

In Bay Area, fireplace is rarely used. It should be removed to save space for more useful space

I am getting mine ripped out. Will replace with flat tiles around the fire place rather than bricks.

Although not in use, most people expect it to be there.
I won’t rip it out till at least most of the houses rip them off, I would rip when many articles talk about ripping out fireplaces.

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Fireplaces in new homes are an insult to my beliefs. They were the place to hang around in Winter, and perhaps during holydays. Ooooppss…I said the bad word. :smiley:

Santa can’t come down the chimney…no Christmas…

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Santa is dea… Nevermind. Wont tell you.

Just don’t tell the kids–Santa uses Amazon delivery services :slight_smile: