Is it cheaper tax-wise to live in Colorado or Texas?


Yawn. These analysis are never done by anyone with financial acumen. They always assume you’d buy the same dollar value home both places. It’s more useful to figure buying the same size, bed/bath, and school rating. Also, comparing an entire stare to an entire state is useless. People pick between metro areas.

$500k in Denver is 1,912 sq ft 3/3 with 7/4/6 schools.

$500k in Austin 3,206 sq ft 4/3 with 8/9/7 schools.

I imagine you could find a home similar to the Denver one for much less in Austin which would lower the property tax bill. Property taxes in Texas are high as a percent of property value, but property values are lower. The property tax per sq ft of home is pretty similar.


How come property tax rate in Dallas is twice that of Austin?

Title should change to Colorado Springs vs Dallas not Colorado vs Texas.

A 2020 new construction custom house in Cedar Park, schools 8/8/7
$600k: Single story 3500 square footage, 0.3 acres lot, 4 bedrooms/ 3.5 baths, property tax = $13.5k

A 2006 mass production house in Pflugerville, schools 8/8/8
$350k: Double story 3450 square footage, 8000 sqft lot, 4 bedrooms/ 3.5 baths, property tax = $10k

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Median home value index according to Zillow:

Denver: $465,466
Colorado Spring: $323,194

Austin: $401,999
Dallas: $226,145

Denver is about 15% more expensive than Austin. Colorado Spring is about 40% more expensive than Dallas. Plugging in those numbers, wouldn’t Colorado still come out ahead of Texas for people making 200K and buying the median house?

Colorado is more livable that Texas. Bean counters don’t figure that. Expensive places are more desirable, duh.

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I see you didn’t read the discussion on helicopter view with @erth The key is focus on the relevant details. Helicopter view is worthless without paying attention to the relevant details.

According to @Elt1, you are doing a bean counter comparison. Since Austin is more expensive than Colorado Spring, using @elt1 principle, Austin is therefore more desirable than Colorado Spring :slight_smile:

Anecdotes can be easily cherrypicked. Broad statistics is harder to manipulate.

That exactly what the author of the article you linked is doing. Good that you know :laughing:

Vail is desirable. Colorado Springs not so much
Aspen is the ultimate, Austin maybe has some music and Bbq but not much else
As they say in Colorado… Ski Texas

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What the heck is that?

For the same price search CAMAS, WA, best schools,nice homes. Frankly, lot of bay area people buying there. You save both income tax (WA) and sales tax (Oregon - just 4-5 mile free border).

It’s mid 90’s here. We drop to 69 on Wednesday.

Look like @manch has concluded that he prefers Texas over Colorado. Good. Fact-based decision :+1:t2: