Is it true Gross Rent Multiplier at 9.61, Victorian homes?

This is Julian street, high traffic road, but says GRM 9.61.

All the properties listed here are high GRM

I can not verify using craigslist. Are they correct?

Hmm… very interesting numbers. Student rentals might need much more involvement and higher turn over.

I also wonder if this is anything to do with San Jose “Just Cause” eviction vote. Maybe not.

i think it has to do with the just cause eviction. been looking for something to buy for a couple of weeks, and quite a few multiple family properties came on the market in San Jose in the last 24 hours. guess some people are trying to get out now.

5 listings from the same broker:

Rent control will only get stricter. Can’t blame the guy for wanting out. He bought all of them in 2005. This one will be interesting.

Normally sale will not happen spurt of moment, but a planned activity, carefully choosing listing agent, reviewing comparatives…etc. Owner would have decided To sell at least one or few months before.