Is market cooling down -- August edition

Is it really cooling down? I saw it was cooling down in July (based on the properties I put in my fav). But I have been seeing things are going pending quickly again. What’s your take?

The market does seem to be cooling, but not enough for buyers. The townhome next to mine has just been listed for 535k,about 50k over market. Let’s see what it sells for.

The rental market does not seem to be cooling off. I was surprised to see what I could rent mine for. The zestimate is over $2700 a month. My expenses are under $1400.

My realtor in milpitas tells me next 90 days market will turn !

It’s softened a little in milpitas but at the same tjme. I am seeing 10 day closing which means all cash offers so it’s mixed

Yeah, but which way? :smile:

Hmm buyers market, it cannot be even better sellers market that what we had for couple of years