Is Number 4 A Bad Feng Shui Number?


This one is too dolled up. Price will zoom all the way to 1.8M+.


Look at the zip. Do you think that’s a Chinese buyer? The world doesn’t always revolve around Chinese culture, you know.


Really, who said that???



Wow, too popular (and sounds like making money) yet closing anyway…

Check the address…


Killed toll plaza worker was in toll booth #14. RIP


Is it really 14? I was trying to figure out from the news footage.



:scream: :scream: :scream:


It’s also a Chinese woman, left behind husband and young daughter. Really sad. That asshole driver needs to be locked up for life.


Obviously, I shouldn’t be making light of this tragic event (and I am not), but sometimes this bad luck mumbo jumbo stuff is scary true. I mean, what are the odds of that a big truck granted is able to plow through cars and then into a toll booth to kill the taker? Unbelievable…


Another reason to eliminate tollbooths
With modern gps and camera technology they are not needed. Everyone should be required to have a transponder.
Toll roads will be everywhere
With electric cars coming it will be the only way to pay for roads. In fact many in Tahoe want a five dollar toll to enter the Tahoe basin… for tourists only of course…


What??? With a sweet address like this, restaurants should be overflowing in dough… must be the food…


It says the space is jinxed. They should try a Chinese restaurant next.


San Tung 3??? Yes!!!


Ok, finally out of the bad luck (perhaps?) with a sweet 18.8M selling price…


In this case, 1.28M is not a very lucky number string… Ouch!!!


Nope, real fake news… the power of the unlucky 4 persists!!!


Holy Moly, my office cleaning lady was right. OMG, the recent shooting in the Sunset happened at the woman’s residence which was 1874 34th Ave. OMG, I didn’t know unti now that “74” means “dead for sure”… Oh hell no…


Number 44 having a 100K haircut.


Great neighborhood but I guess just too small of a house? Should have sold despite the 4s…