Is Number 4 A Bad Feng Shui Number?

Unless you use Cantonese on a daily basis, I would suggest not to worry about it. If you do worry about it, you can use the traditional feng shui cure for number 4, which is to encircle the number in color red.

Being the color of the fire feng shui element, red is considered to protect from misfortune and help attract good luck. You can also apply other feng shui house protection cures that make sense to you.

Does not help. Especially if your house has that triple death number like the one In Redwood City @Jil posted.

My house in San Jose also has a number 4 in its street number, and I turned out alright. Definitely better off now than before I bought the house. :smile:

What did I do? By circumstance I didn’t have any numbers on the house, be they signs or paint. Also I painted the house white with a lot of red trim. So maybe you do what I did and you have nothing to fear. :slight_smile:

Why are we back to discussing this as a new thread (OMG!)??? The fact is, many Asians (especially Chinese) are superstitious. Another fact is, they are the market makers and the big players in the housing game. So, if that is the case why argue against it and possibly short change yourself? Perception is reality. Sure, you can buy a home with a bunch of 4s in the address, but don’t be surprised if at resale some people are turned off by it and not as enthusiastic as if your address had a bunch of 8s in it.

SF itself will become whiter in the next 50 or so years. And I am sure they don’t mind the number. South Bay has more Indian buyers than Chinese. And they too don’t mind.

The contrarian in me will bet on the 4’s. If you can buy at a discount, take advantage. The problem is I am not convinced there is a discount… I didn’t even realize my address had a number 4 until a year or two after the transaction. :slight_smile: Well maybe if it was like 44 or 444 I would have noticed.

One 4 is no big deal. Just avoid doubles and triples.

Also, 13 and 14! And 666!

And 164! And 1664! (One way street to death!)

I am thinking about buying a house with the street address number 1923…The year my mother was born…Feng Shui?

Great number!

Exactly! Let’s not go overboard with it. Something as extreme as that triple 4 numbered house (with no other numbers) would stand out some to some Chinese folks that’s all. And, they might still buy it if cheap enough. I just think if you have the reverse, a house with say an address like literally 888 Prosperity Drive will more than likely get more overbidding than normal from the Chinese crowd…

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Also, if you happen to bump into a house on a busy road but in a good neighborhood with a great number like something something 88, then that’s like a minus plus plus, the good outweighs the bad. And I bet some Chinese buyer will overlook the issue and want buy a house like that.

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May be good or bad depending on your wife’s view of her mother-in-law :slight_smile:

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My Mom passed away in 2001…But my wife’s grandmother born the same year died in 2016…1923 is a good year for both of us…

How is this for Feng Shui…41817…tax day…Death and taxes…both are inevitable


Ahhhh, now I understand why tax is always on fourth month !!!


On the flip side, good building address as a whole and your condo unit number has an 8 in it too = RECORD HIGH OFFER SELLING PRICE!!! Coincidence???

(taken from

Congratulations to my lucky seller who received 5 offers after only 10 days on market and the record high offer price: $735,000!

What’s up with the concrete? Feels like a bomb shelter. Or a tomb… :ghost:

Isn’t concrete flooring pretty common in condos though? I wouldn’t know for obvious reasons…

I still believe in Santa Claus…and the stork delivering babies. Any problem with that? :stuck_out_tongue:

When I am visiting an open house, as I did when me and my wife were buying or shopping for one, I just mentioned that I heard somebody had died in that house and I could see people flying out of there…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s a war out there, anything is plausible…:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, death…it is a touchy subject of course. Now, if natural and the owner lived there all his/her life for 90 years there, that should be ok. A long life. Now, if a child committed suicide there, I’ll pass…

The next time you are really interested in a house, why don’t you somehow make your way in before Open House and draw a few body chalk outlines and break out some tomato sauce for some realism. That should go over big…really big…:slight_smile: