Is Owning Property Really the Best Way to Make Money Investing in Real Estate?


Is Owning Property Really the Best Way to Make Money Investing in Real Estate?

as I’m approaching my retirement years, and I’m always looking for better ways to simplify my life and my investing.


Forget it. Too much financial manuvering. Best way to make money is still buy and hold real estate.


What does he mean by “holding real estate inside a trust”? What kind of trust was he referring to?

If trust can help removing risk and liability, we can move all rentals to a trust.


Sound like he is referring to LLC.

Btw, pretty obvious the aim of the article is to push his webinar. Posting it because this topic was mentioned somewhere and I like “simplify my life and my investing”.


How can I get a mortgage if I buy with LLC?


Comercial instead of personal.


Reits are better than what this guy is peddling…More liquidity and safety


Reits are good but if it’s the “taking out the middleman” slogan everybody so desired then it’s better to go grab some commercial properties on your own.


It is hard to do commercial deals on your own. Mostly I have been involved in private syndicates… Probably the easiest way to invest in commercial property is Reits like Manch and Jil do…


If that sounded too cumbersome, then it’s better to stick with residential. Personally I’ve owned a REIT since 2007. That was good for diversification purposes but the return has been far lower than stocks.


Isn’t private syndicate similar to a private REIT? You just invest your money as a passive partner and let the third party to operate, right?


Yes. Higher potential returns but less liquidity than REITs