Is Rising Rent A Myth?

Ok, let’s see who would wear the crown or tiara for getting the highest rent at this point in time. How about a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment? No condo or house, an apartment or unit.

For kicks, another crown/tiara for just the highest rent received regardless of type of dwelling. I want to know who is making bank (probably big timer like @Elt1), but you never know…

It won’t be me, I know my rents are not remotely close to market…

We get $176,000/ month gross for our self storage facility in Ventura. I get a very small piece of that net.
But the big money is in multi family and commercial not houses.

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What’s the total investment amount?

We put $3m down. $9m cost to build. Net $62k/m
140,000sf. Currently worth $13-14m.

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Cap rate 6.2% (purchase price), 5.3% (market price).

Purchase price $9m. Cap 8.2%