Is SF Chinatown A Dinosaur?


So, when do we go back in time to the 1800s when the first Chinese came and go with a CLM (Chinese Lives Matter) movement???


Look, there are black people who are very successful such as professional athletes and celebrities, and there are black people not doing very well who happened to live in Ferguson.

Likewise, there are successful Chinese people who are CEOs of tech companies, and there are Chinese people not doing very well who happened to live in Chinatown.

You can’t expect every Chinese American to be successful like those CEOs and you should show some compassion to those not as talented rather than criticizing their misfortune. And the fact that you support poor black people but not poor Chinese people is just beyond my grasp and I think you should re-evaluate your stance.


Anyway Chinatown hasn’t changed much for more than 100 years. I don’t think it will change much in another 100 for various reasons. Take a walk on Stockton st. Tell me how it will change in the next 20 years. It won’t.


I don’t expect everyone to be successful, but I DO expect people to try to be Americans. And so many people in Chinatown are not trying to be Americans. At. All. Please don’t conflate this with “you’re not supporting people.”

My position is — if you come to this country, you have to at least try to assimilate, even if just a little.


Me no no understand, too foreign, forgive piss, me stay here, outside scary much. Land belongs to all humans, me no no understand why belong a group who use biological warfare to eliminate others. Why people proud them of?


You’re right — why is that? Why is it that HK or Singapore can re-invent itself but Chinatown is seemingly trapped in this self-view of itself from the 1950s? I struggle with that.


孫中山 for president! (tongue in cheek)


For every ethnicity group you will find some people nice, clean, patriotic, or filthy, greedy, treacherous. If somebody is going to grossly generalize about a specific race/ethnicity entirely, they will always find reason to do so. It is not fair to blame it on that race/ethnicity. Blame the people who generalize instead.


Well, that is what is wonderful and sad about this country right? You can do and reach for the stars, or not. I just feel you are making Chinatown way more than it is. Keep in mind I grew up there so have seen sooooo many generations of people move out and do well in life that I know that Chinatown is not the cause for much concern.


Don’t know why Chinatown hasn’t changed much but I am cool with it. Frankly for people living there they like it that way too. I know people taking hour long bus trips there to do grocery shopping. So it works for a lot of people as is. Ultimately it’s all market force. Rent control is city wide. It’s not a Chinatown specific thing. If Mission gentrified but Chinatown doesn’t you’d have to give it to market forces. Maybe the old guards like @sfdragonboy likes it the way it is.


Whether they try to assimilate or not is their own business and not yours. They are here to stay in America and in my eyes they are not any less American than you or the white guy next door. As a Chinese American myself I’m here to support all Chinese Americans, doesn’t matter if they are a FOB or a banana like you.


Usually people who make gross generalizations don’t know much about the other side. They don’t have friends or family in those groups so it’s easy to caricature.


I agree … which is why I’d love for more assimilation to happen. Cross-pollination, more friends, and then it becomes harder to caricature.


I will concede and say that it is a tad more dirty than it needs to be but come on it is kinda cool and old school, no? No, I do not like Millbrae - Chinatown South!!!


Yes, I’ve always had a soft spot for Chinatown. I don’t like Millbrae one bit. However, I reserve my softest spot for Sunset… :laughing:


Wow, I guess I am not the ultimate Sunset fanboy anymore…


Not sun rise?

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American assimilation is live and kicking ass. Second generation immigrants speak their ancestor tongue embarrassingly bad. For example @sfdragonboy can’t even eat chicken feet!! Such travesty!

I heard the same is true for Mexican kids, that their Spanish is pretty broken. Compared to Europe our melting pot is super hot.


Guilty…:cry: To my defense, I will do this, but not that…



That means there’s no need to force anybody to assimilate… and why would you ever want to criticize somebody who refused to do so? They are a gem! :rofl: