Is SF Chinatown A Dinosaur?


OMG, imagine if everyone assimilated. Home prices here would BLOW UP!!!


I like diversity… “think different”… :apple::laughing:


Well I think it’s better to “assimilate”. We should certainly encourage it (but not force) as a society. But for older people it’s simply impossible. Many come to reunite with families. Whether you think we should allow that in our immigration policy many have different views. I think we should for humanitarian reason.


Cheap childcare source too…:grinning:


If one needs to assimilate to have more friends, then it’s an inherent problem in and of itself. No one should lose his/her character in order to be accepted.


This is a rent control problem. Hanging clothes is not the problem, the problem is that the tenants want to keep their low rent apartment.

Does the landlord have the right to require no clothes hanging and require the use of clothes dryer?

In terms of assimilation, it’s an issue of citizens helping the new immigrants. You guys can volunteer on teaching English in Chinatown, donating money for dryer usage etc


I’m not sure I agree with the “zero-sum-game” argument. Assimilation doesn’t have mean you are losing your identity. Identity is like a campfire. You can spread it around — your identity is not a container with a fixed size.

But I do agree with BAGB — this is a rent control (entitlement) problem that is being manipulated by the people in the article posted way above to be characterized as a “clothes hanging problem” and then wrapped in an ethnic argument.


The only bad thing in SF is rent control. Without rent control, other bad things will disappear natually.

Don’t be fooled. Clothes hanging problem can disappear with a small donation from everyone in this forum. We can buy a laundromat and provides free drying for Chinatown residents. If free is not good enough, we will charge a negative $5 per drying and give them a free brochure on sanitation effect equivalence between drying machine and the sunshine.

When no one hangs clothes any more, we can develop the laundromat into a shiny new apartment, renting without rent control. It’ll be a very profitable “change the world” cause!


Hanging cloth or not is just tip of the iceberg. Even if these tenants don’t hang any clothes out there, the landlord will find another way to evict them. Bottom line is that their rent is too cheap and they need to pay more.


To quote our lovely Prez, FAKE NEWS!!! I don’t see ONE hanger out a window!!!


What ways can the landlord use to evict the tenant from a building with hundreds of tenants? I’ll recommend you for the Nobel peace prize if you find a solution.

An Oakland landlord tried and she lost her building


I don’t expect you to agree at all. What you described as true American is mastery of the English language and hanging out with Caucasian neighbors celebrating the Fourth of July eating BBQ. Well, what about the folks that celebrate Thanksgiving by eating Chinese food? Are they not Americans? Let me remind you that even though you believe you are a “true” American, you are still of Chinese descent and some natives here might not see you as part of their “American” clan because you don’t have blue eyes. Let’s be proud of your heritage and not bash it. No one needs to assimilate if he/she doesn’t want to. Why force your agenda on other people.


See, that’s why we hang dry!!!:grin:


Did the dryer catch fire while being used or idle? It would be more dangerous if it caught fire when not used.

“dryers accounted for 92 percent of the estimated 15,970 residential fires involving dryers and washing machines between 2010 and 2014. The failure to clean caused a third of dryer fires, said NFPA.”


Probably used too much, but the vent wasn’t cleared or cleaned. The lint trapped up in there must have caused the fire.


Why would a dryer cause fire? There’s no fire involved in a dryer. Only stove and furnace have them.


Come on, Cal grad, imagine a gas dryer where there is a flame or I guess an electric one with a heating element. Then toss in the venting that is not cleaned periodically of the trapped up lint (since the distance to outside may be long) so you get a situation where the heat exhaust is not escaping out of the vent line clearly and eventually the caked on lint or something within the system catches on fire and it spreads from there.


Um… I was a humanities major and too busy protesting against the establishment… :rofl:


For those that don’t know the history, we Chinese weren’t able to buy outside Chinatown even if we had the money. I asked my Mom about this and she confirmed it. I guess my grandfather wanted to buy outside Chinatown in the 50s and was denied. Oh well, it worked out…


Imagine your grandfather had bought in Pac Height instead… Or Feinstein’s deadbeat neighborhood.