Is SF Chinatown A Dinosaur?


We see the same sort of arguments trotted out about restaurants of any type all of the time.

Likes and dislikes in restaurants are very personal. They aren’t an athletic contest where the winners are assumed to be the best of the best without question.


OMG! Don’t listen to our fearless leader (manch) who turned his back against his own culture and this recognized historical launching pad for a lot of immigrants to this country (not just Chinese) back in the day. I fully embrace it and am not ashamed of it. Sure, we know it is dirty but let’s be honest I wouldn’t be here if not probably for the existence of an area that my forefathers felt accepted and it was doable (I wouldn’t say comfortable) as a start in this wonderful country of ours. Hey, we all have to start somewhere. Just end up somewhere better…:wink:

A major tourist attraction. Over 75% of San Francisco tourists visit China town, a total of approximately 2,000,000/year. Since tourists are so commonplace they still feel safe and comfortable even when enveloped in this extremely different Chinese culture.


Small cute home made from a former garage space in the fringe of Chinatown. Not bad, sold for 650K!!!


What a relief that the high-end market (for garages in good locations) is not softening :sweat_smile:

By the way, that Chinatown link makes the GGBakery sound like one of the only places to go (other than alleys where you can actually catch a glimpse of underwear - or fish - hanging out to dry). Sorry, but it’s poorly written as well!! I respect the history but I’m thinking now that Chinatown is a dino.



Being someone who was born and raised in Chinatown, I would like to see it get a fresh new coat of paint if you will. More like a gut job remodel actually. It will be interesting to see what the Muni subway station does for it (or not). We hear about the occasional entrepreneur dabbling in and around Chinatown but nothing major has come about to bring real vibrant life like supposedly back in the day. Near our family building, which is not deep Chinatown granted, is Mason/Powell an eatery that had a setback (a fire I believe) but is now back and it seems to be a happening joint for the hip crowd that has moved into fringe Chinatown. As @BAzx mentioned, the public housing buildings in Chinatown will always be there but supposedly makeovers are planned but who knows when that will happen or not. At the end of the day, the land in this part of the city is extremely valuable and developers are surely salivating. I have to call it out to be fair, but there is a Chinese neighborhood association bent on keeping Chinatown Chinatown but a makeover surely wouldn’t hurt but actually could revive the dinosaur.


For those who complain about the lack of space in SF, Chinatown should be renovated, high rises built, end of story.

Don’t shoot the messenger. :smiling_imp:


Well, you can make that argument for many neighborhoods in addition to Chinatown right?

The problem is that the Chinese own the properties there and frankly my peeps aren’t hurting for money (so, they ain’t selling any time soon). Come on, who loves real estate more than the Chinese? No one. No mass exodus or selling. If anything development by the next generation or the children of the owners.


Wow, some rumblings in Chinatown finally…

I wonder if that permit expeditor is who I have used in the past…


2 reasons to never sell…Prop 13 and high cap gains taxes.Cali tax alone is 13% then Obamacare 3.8% and Fed up to 20%…plus 25% on recaptured depreciation. .


Even if Chinatown owners may not need to sell, new construction would help revive the dinosaur, right? For instance,a larger SFH be made into a 5-story with retail space (say for take-out/delivery tea or juice shop) below.:tropical_drink:


Agreed, essentially the evolution of Chinatown if you will. I mean, let’s be honest, a lot of the construction in Chinatown is unreinforced masonry that probably won’t do too hot in a major earthquake. Driving through Chinatown, it is really true: there are many for rent or lease signs. The owners are stubborn and want high rents but even though Chinatown draws its share of tourists people can’t make a go of it at those rates. It would be great if the offspring or grand kids come back and revitalize the area. You are seeing attempts here and there and hopefully the new subway station breathes new life in this very, very prime part of the Fab 7x7…


Let’s go Chinatown! :hatching_chick:


As our Fearless Leader mentioned, the central subway that will go to Chinatown in 2018 is a key piece to all of this.


Ok, I have been informed that my family received the demolition notice associated with this project (even though we are a block up). Owner is non Asian, possibly Middle Easterner going by last name.


Saudi prince?


My Big Bro thinks Iranian.


Our unpresident will not be pleased…


Apparently US citizen though. Address is in a prestigious part of town…



As I was saying…renovation baby!