Is SF Chinatown A Dinosaur?


Not happening, on a wholesale level. We Chinese own the buildings and quite frankly who likes real estate more than us? Nobody. So unless developers make us deals that we can’t refuse we are going to be around in that part of town for a long, long time.


Who said moving?
I just know renovation will be done. $ moves mountains. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::scream:


Sorry, my bad, did I jump the gun? My apologies. It is just that Chinatown is a special place for me. I was born and raised there and if I have my way I will return there to finish off the story. Some action has already started in the old neighborhood. On Pacific Ave, a single story medical office building was torn down and up is going potentially 5-6 floors of glorious modern flats (at least according to the contractor whom I contacted on the job site when I drove by recently). We still need to see if the Planning Dept is going to approve that high rise project (replacing the restaurant). Exciting times of developers with crazy money and ideas.


We went to Z & Y for dinner last Friday. Food was pretty meh, but my wife likes it. So there’s that. I thought Obama ate there, but turns out he bought dim sum at the restaurant next door! Man, I feel ripped off…

Chinatown hasn’t changed one bit. That magazine store across the street from Z&Y I remember buying magazines there 20 odd years ago. Still there.


chinatown is great for grocery. vege so fresh that my wife don’t need to throw away half of the bag


The old guard swears by it. They say its better, fresher and cheaper in Chinatown. Def a plus if moving back…


Yes, Great Eastern Restaurant. Not too bad, we had our Chinese New Year family meal there. I got hammered by the red envelope racket. My wife and I handed out what, a thousand dollars in red envelopes to the nephews and nieces and did we get anything back? Nope, no kids. Sucks…:slight_smile:


You bribe your family? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It is the annual handout (along with Christmas) where we DINKs get hosed by the siblings with kids. Yes, cheaper than actually having the little brats but just sayin…:slight_smile:


You must be giving some big red envelopes…:money_with_wings:


I belonged to a Vietnamese group last year and they gave me a red envelope with a lottery ticket. The lucky I am, I would have liked to have that $1 in my pockets.


Well, let’s just say we can’t be giving out quarters or silver dollars like we may have gotten in our day. Red Envelope Inflation!!!



I hope it does well. The problem is that after 6pm or so, Chinatown shuts down during the work week so can a huge place like this survive? I will certainly do my share and go check it out. Yes, @manch, that means you too!!!


Are you sure @sfdragonboy?

“For the locals, it’s going to be overpriced,” said Steven Lee, a small-business advocate who helped reopen Sam Wo last year

For real Chinese food I can always go back to San Jose…


The tourists and white collar folks nearby can help sustain this…


That’s why I suspect this will be a tourist trap…


No, when he refers to locals he really means the folks that live right there that are probably lower incomed. Come on, Mr. Money Pants, go support your fellow brother…


Where exactly is this? Broadway and what?


Right in the middle of the block between Stockton and Columbus Ave. I believe this used to be where the movie theater was and then was Gold Mountain Restaurant for the longest time.