Is SF Chinatown A Dinosaur?



I just went there couple of weeks ago for lunch. It was decent.


And probably not too bad on the wallet correct?


It was 60 something before tips for my coworker and me. We order many specials though. Lucky I didn’t pay. :slight_smile:



The sale comes at a time when the banquet business has been gradually migrating to new and larger dim sum palaces with ample parking in suburbs such as Millbrae and Burlingame. One of Chinatown’s landmark restaurants, the Empress of China, closed a little more than two years ago.

I know Millbrae has plenty of dim sum joints. Burlingame has? I did not know. Such as what?


Yeah, did a search on my fav Yelp and nothing comes up for Burlingame. Writer obviously is mixing it with maybe San Mateo which has a few dim sum places.


Jesus Christ. I expect more from SF! BTW all people in SF, regardless of race, know how to use chopsticks right?


Can’t speak for other peeps, but yeah I think most folks who eat out a lot and like in addition to Chinese food would be versed in the use of chopsticks considering one may use it for Japanese and Korean food too right? I am always impressed when non Asians order peking duck (carved at the table, even better). I go, wow, they know how to eat…


I thought you know Yelp inside out…


What is that, one place? I wouldn’t call that a dim sum oasis right? I use Yelp and appreciate it for what it is. We are a better world with Yelp than without. You can quote me on that one…:slight_smile:


Now that you mentioned it, I may have eaten there for dinner. Never tried their dim sum. How’s it?


My friend tried this place and said it was mediocre, so I didn’t bother.



WTF? It’s on the edge of Chinatown not the heart? And then there is this:

Today it boasts plazas, children’s play areas, a pedestrian bridge, various buildings and landscaping. Most recently, its public restroom underwent a $2 million renovation — which included adding new stalls and family restroom — funded by The City’s 2008 Parks Bond.

Next time I pee in that urinal I’ll remember it costed the good folks of SF 2 million dollars. :smile:


Hey, you can say what you want about us Chinese but when we want to go big, we go big (with other people’s money)!!!

Remember, this is NOT even done yet!!!


I have been telling everyone who listens to buy in Dogpatch 2.0 near the T line, soon coming to SOMA tech shops. Appreciation baby! :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:


For sure, if you survive those Muni rides at broad daylight even…never mind at night


Anyone who had the foresight (or dumb luck) to buy in Mission 20 years ago is filthy rich today. Mission is not exactly safe even today, let alone 20 years ago. Sometimes you need a little bit of vision. :slight_smile: Invest in bullet proof vests and write it off as business expense.


Probably shot dead so can’t benefit.