Is SF Chinatown A Dinosaur?


Wow, SF is really flush with cash. A $2M bathroom remodel? How big is the bathroom? Why is it so expensive? $2M just for remodelling an existing public bathroom. Are they going to lock it up to forbid people to use it after all?

Next time, I need to visit this fancy bathroom. Does it have an address for gps?


Come on, @BAGB, a few of these babies in there would even be MORE expensive…

You know how we Asians love gold…:slight_smile:


Darn liberals, how dare they spend that money…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Of course, blame The Donald for everything from your kid’s measles to why your car is leaking oil…


We want deal!


Travel is not down…Try booking a flight…I dont see any deals…Maybe Chinatown doesn’t appeal to tourists like it used to…Who buys touristy kitschy crap anyway?
With luggage restrictions nobody has room to carry touristy crap on the plane. …


Frank Wong has spent the past four decades creating extraordinary, miniature dioramas of the Chinatown he remembers from his youth. His replicas are a portal into a long-ago San Francisco, a time when life was difficult for many in the Chinese American community. “Forever, Chinatown” is a meditation on memory, community and one man’s artistic legacy.


A story on Boston’s Chinatown…hey, it could happen here (I didn’t think so myself, but if people start throwing money at old owners whose heirs don’t want to come back to Chinatown Chinatown SF might slowly change)


Well, speaking from the perspective of a real estate developer, let’s change the old place for new and vibrant buildings.

Unless of course, the NIMBYs show up. And they are all liberals. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I just like to stir the pot. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




The new park has taken nearly 15 years of planning to become a reality.

During that time China built high speed rail to cover their whole country. We built a small park. Maybe for the same money… :smile:



Uh, I came in to get some jook only…:slight_smile:


Bite sized items are never my favorite… I like more bang for buck… :rofl:


I still haven’t visited China Live yet even though I went by our family building in Chinatown. Personally, I really don’t think there is a sustainable market for these uber high end places in SF Chinatown. Geez, R&G Lounge is about the max I think…


Chinese food are not meant to be bite sized. Leave that to the French… :rofl:


You’re not of royal blood for sure :sweat_smile:


I’m proud of my commoner upbringing…


Why do you guys are always hungry?:rofl:

Chinatown is going to be changed… eventually. Lack of space, one story old façade, etc.