Is the market still cooling?

What do you all think? Is the market still cooling? I came across this market report that pointed to yes but I see mixed sales in my area. August Market Trends

Is mixed because some panic and sell cheap, some refuses to lower prices and some just don’t know the market and just buy. The author of the article is correct, August is a transition month, hard to tell, just place your bet. Buy if you think is temporarily or take the risk of missing the temp low price and wait till election is over/ Spring time (usually the hottest period).

No real data to suggest it is different from last year. The home has less offers but if it is the going price and flow is avg or better. Expect it to be gone bingo.
Sam Shueh Realtor
Campbell, CA

I am curious about how many buyers are actively in the market and waiting. This is after 2 hours on the market (on Redfin).

I don’t doubt there are many, capable buyers kicking the tires but ultimately not buying for a number of reasons. I actually convinced the wifey to look seriously at a Fremont fixer a few weeks ago. POS by every definition possible. I said no way would I bid on it from an investment point of view but I knew someone would bid on it since as a first time buy or for your primary home I can see the desire to be able to customize it to your liking 100%. Sure enough, pending offer…

Maybe investor special for you right here: I might be interested with 100K less :slight_smile:

Not cheap enough for me yet… :disappointed:

Amen, @caiguycaiguy, amen…

Hey, did you steal that fixer from me, @caiguycaiguy??? It was under 600K list…

This house in Warm Spring looks quite charming…

Asked for $1,198,888 from the cult of 8, but alas, didn’t work this time. Sold for only $1,145,000. Schools are solid 10 K-12. Too bad I am trapped in SF… :cry:

Still Sunnyvale is hot. The folks r overbidding it.

Nice house…1.68M… uh Asian???

Yep! Houses with decent schools are still very hot in Sunnyvale:

Oh wow, I didn’t expect this sale price for this house / duplex. Sold: 850K -> 1.1M

I think @jil posted this house in one of the threads. I don’t see rent more than 4500 (combined) in this.

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I keep saying, Fremont has some legs to go…

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I presume you have not bought your $1.7 mil house yet :slight_smile:

I am one of those favorites :slight_smile:

More like the buyer is impressed with the remodeling.

Yeah as long as inventory is so low and there is no fear in the market , it won’t slow down it seems.
Apparently people don’t fear the Trump Factor :slight_smile:

His pick for Treasury Secretary is making noise of getting the government out of the GSE’s. If so expect higher, much higher mortgage rate.

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