Is This Another Case Of NIMBY?

I take it you don’t buy Gavin will be Prez one day?

He was running when he ruined Kerry’s chance. Times have changed and when Kerry’s generation dies he has a shot in say 2028. He will be 61 will have had 8 years of Governors job experience.

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“What we really want is fewer students, (and) less traffic on our neighborhood streets,” Matson said. “What we want is to enjoy peace and quiet in our homes.”

The goal, his housing chief said, was for teachers to move in by 2022 and for more unused property owned by the San Francisco Unified School District to be chosen for additional projects.

That hasn’t happened. None of it. Ground won’t be broken on 135 rental units until at least August at the Francis Scott Key Annex at 1360 43rd Ave., the site of a century-old, ramshackle school district building used mostly for records storage.

No additional site has moved forward for additional teacher housing either, despite promises from the district, and numerous plots of land owned by the district continue to sit mostly unused in a city desperate for housing

This is why I laugh when people think anything will be better if the government runs it.

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