Is this hayward 6% - 6.50% Cap Rate Attractive?

I see cap rate works out appx between 6% and 6.5% based on the posted details in ad, but the location is Hayward. IMO, hayward has the same issues (or lesser issues) like Oakland, Stockton and Sacramento for crime rates.

Just analysis purpose, wanted to know your review here.

Number looks decent for Bay Area I think.

IMO, it boils down to if you want to deal with most tenant profiles from San Learndo / Hayward. I am not exactly sure what type of tenants are more typical in that area. But my Daly City house brings in more rent than that 4-plex with a little less capital and I need to deal with only two sets of tenants instead of 4. And tenant profile & potential appreciation is better, I think.

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Yours make me look around some 4-plex in Oakland as well and found those:

What do you think of these our Oakland specialists, @manch @sfdragonboy? Manch, why wouldn’t you be interested in these over houses in Milpitas?

I see SF-SJC area is really nice to get tenants. Better cap rate won’t help as vacancies may be high.

I just reviewed a rental ad for union city, which is far better than Hayward. See how do they advertise…

Are they filling up new constructions with a lot of units? I have seen some of those ONLY for new constructions with a lot of vacant units and they are trying to fill it up quickly.

My place is in 94602. Of the two, I would probably take the Coolidge one since it is in a relatively better area. It is closer to 580 which is a good sign. The other one is too far east for my tastes. The farthest I would go IF under 580 is probably High St. Please remember that Oakland has rent control and there is probably more of that to come. Oakland has certainly improved over the years and I think is on the right track but it is not going to be fast like say Fremont or some of the other places we like to talk about. With that said though, you should be cash flow positive so that helps or at least provides justification for probably more hands on needed.