Is This Why Palo Alto Is Better Than Cupertino?

(just kidding…sort of :slight_smile:)

Sexual activities are meant to lead to pro-creation, somehow is now for enjoyment :unamused: Schools should teach that all other forms are not healthy and against nature.

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Please don’t rape me. I’m a straight.

Oops, I better inform my wife tonight that for it is only now that I want sex for enjoyment…

Don’t get me wrong. Nature has made sex enjoyable to encourage pro-creation… obvious why nature did it that way, no pro-creation mean we would be extinct. So we can’t stop people having sex just for enjoyment. I’m just against K-12 schools talking about those forms that are not related to pro-creation. If everybody have sex that don’t pro-create or too many gays around, humans would be extinct :grinning:

There’s a congresswoman in Texas that wants to make it a crime for male to ejaculate for any reason other than procreation. She started it as a sarcastic response to men trying to regulate women’s bodies.


I guess I have to go back to the usual response of, “Don’t you want kids to be given good, sound education about sex vs learning it on their own where/when it might be too late?”

What do they teach at school? Is it for political purpose or health purpose?

Hey @hanera, one less place for you to get that happy ending you conservatives crave all the time…:slight_smile:

The article says,

Frank Li said he, like other parents, recognizes the importance of sex education. But he’s concerned his son was taught a curriculum in Palo Alto that did not face the same scrutiny as in Cupertino, where a task force of parents, students, teachers, nurses and administrators reviewed options. Their recommendation was vehemently opposed by hundreds of Cupertino parents and ultimately rejected by 2-2 school board vote

For this matter only, it seems that PA parents are mad because PAUSD didn’t handle this issue as well as CUSD?

Anyway, as a parent who dealt with both school districts, main difference I notice is that “voice of CUSD parents is way stronger than PAUSD parents”. They are involved in almost every single issue, which I am not even aware of or pay attention. They even made CUSD superintendent step down recently (Personally, I don’t support her either).

I agree with them on some issues (like this one) but not on other issues (like “CUSD secretly let 5 of 6th grade kids to enroll geometry when they said to public it is not allowed. We all should demand for the explanation.”).
They are very sensitive to any issue regarding kids.

Thanks @Jane, I was hoping for some input from a parent in the field shall we say. Interesting comment about Cupertino vs PA parents. We need someone from PA to chime in!!!

So it seems the stereotyping is correct, that CU has more tiger parents?

Frankly, I guess % of tiger parents are directly proportional to % Asian parents.
Overall PA has less Asian than CU.
However, I guess Asian parents % is similar between South PA and CU.
Thus, if you compare those two (for example, Gunn High Vs Monta Vista), % of tiger parents should be more or less same.

Anyway, I am everyday amazed by energy, passion and execution power by other parents around me (especially Chinese parents, you guys are way ahead of Koreans) and lowering my expectation on my kids.
I realize that my kids are doing their best given the amount of supports they get from parents. It is me who cannot keep up with other parents. :slight_smile:

Of course, not all of parents are tiger parents even in CU.

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Palo Alto has white flight!

OMG, where are the caucasians going to??? If they lose PA, they lose all of the cities!!!

There are always Los Altos Hills and Atherton. Don’t worry. Hillsborough is probably turning into Chinatown with Yan Can’t Cook living there.

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