Is This Why You Love San Ho So Much Manch?

Geez, all I ever got at Lowell was copious amounts of homework…

(please refrain from any negative comments, no one died…we think)

Happy Friday Y’all!!!

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I bet she did not have to do much coercing to get a 17 year old teenage male to sleep with her.

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Maybe he mistakenly thought that “additional work” WAS in fact AP work…

I would sign up for that school if I were 17…

Not that I technically condone this adult/underage activity, how did this get out? Did the freaking kid get all guilty? Or, did he had to get all macho and tell his buddies? Idiot…

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Maybe he pulled a Trump and talked too much? :smile:

What would you all think if it was a 32 year old MALE teacher sleeping with a 17 year old FEMALE?

I would think it was a completely different situation. This is one instance where a double standard is appropriate.

Lady Justice would be horrified and punish the male teacher severely.

It’s interesting how the double standard is HEAVILY against men, but men seem OK with that.

I too am guilty as charged (having a double standard ONLY). Come on, when was the last time you ever heard of a teen-aged boy upset that an adult female coerced him to have sex for a month no less? Sheesh, we should all be so lucky… (sorry, my bad, you PC folks)

The unintended consequences of feminism. .This would not have been an issue 50 years ago…

Will feminists celebrate this crime as a proof of gender equality?

The woman teacher is in power and the boy student is disadvantaged in social power.

This could be a real crime though. This teacher has been targeting multiple students even though she was trained and should have known that it’s illegal.

There are way too many laws in this country. .There is no crime here… 90% of men would not convict this woman…We should get rid of 50% of our laws…We have more people in prison than any other country because of bullshit laws like this…Sex, drugs and a lot of other human frailties should be decriminalized…

This teacher may get the same number of jail time as a murdurer.

What if the student is only 12 years old? 17 is almost an adult.

In ancient times people died at 25 and often had childern at 13…The idea that a 17 year old is a child is modern bullshit. .In fact 17 year olds can get the death penalty and many died serving in wars…This kid was not an innocent victim.

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What if it’s a 17 year girl and a 32 year old male teacher?

Our paranoia about sex is pathetic. .I thought cougars were hip…