Is Trump about to change your 401(k)'s biggest tax break?

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Soooo, how is the ballgame looking for you about now??? Is it playing out as you hoped? Tell me, you wouldn’t sub in about now???

Sorry to be dense. Is this an analogy to my business, my househunting, or politics?

ballgame = The Donald Presidency

Sooo, how is the “The Donald Presidency” looking for you about now???

playing out = developing or turning out

Is it “developing or turning out” as you hoped?

sub in = bring in someone new, for a minute’s rest or to simply take over the reins

Tell me, you wouldn’t “bring in someone new” about now???

Oh definitely, I’d love to bring someone else in. But definitely definitely not Hillary.

Ok, now that even more does not make sense. I get it, at the time of electing you had to make an educated call. It may have made sense to go with new, fresh blood. I get that. But, now that you know how your lovely new job candidate is performing (agreed, early in the game to tech say yet) you still would say NO to Hillary now??? Even now, you wouldn’t call Human Resources for the only other candidate’s (Hillary’s) number???

I honestly wanted to vote for Johnson, but he was super unimpressive. He didn’t know anything about what was going on in the middle east. Speaking of, is anyone actually paying attention to the progress there? I’m guessing no, since the media won’t cover anything that makes Trump look good. The NYT actually admitted that they only do facebook ads for stories that make Trump look bad. They purposely try to hide info if he’s does well on anything.

I wish they’d get tax reform through and completely repeal Obamacare and start focusing on ways to actually lower healthcare spending instead of pushing around who pays the cost.

Ok, fair enough. Hate to go back to sports terminology, but The Donald simply does not pass the “eye test” for me. I am not seeing those small signs that this rookie is somehow going to blossom into a MVP. I hope I am wrong, but I am writing off the next 3+ years as a dead, do nothing space in our glorious history…

What do you think Hillary would have accomplished at this point? Remember, it took Obama 2 years to pass ACA with a democrat controlled congress, and she’d have to deal with a republican controlled congress.

It also doesn’t get much press, but regulation is falling big time. The appointees on several positions are doing their jobs. No legislation needs to be passed for that.

Also, if you have issue with Trump’s alleged connections with Russia then:

Sure, Hillary would not have had a whole lot of more success probably especially with the Republicans dominating the House and Senate, but I would like to believe she would have at least:

  1. appointed a Cabinet that was at least fairly free of any skeletons or controversial idiots
  2. we probably would not have as many racially dividing news stories
  3. not made so many countries mad at us or embarrass us on a global level
  4. less time dismantling Obamacare might have meant she might have worked on something else worthwhile

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I’m not pro-Trump,


Once upon time, there was this toy, he started lying so his nose grew up and we know him as…

Wow, @buyinghouse, digging into your piggy bank I see…

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So many politics thread… you guys can’t help yourself!

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We wouldn’t need these threads if people just voted right (hint, hint…) or actually voted…


Here is a debate on trump’s chance of re-election win 10 days ago. That’s the ultimate test of his popularity. You have 150 million or so people to choose from and beat him. Polish your political image and run!

Alternatively, you can also try an impeachment. Ask Feinstein for her opinion

I’d love to see more liberal billionaires do what the Koch brothers do, but from the opposite end. Focus on state and Congress races, not the White House.

Steyer is waisting his money on Trump. Trump’s a one-off, the worst thing that happened to the GOP in generations. So far Trump still looks to be the Jimmy Carter of GOP.

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Try to debate this video. Real observations, those hypnotized by the trickle effect better wake the hell up!

Over half of Obama’s cabinet appointees owes the IRS back taxes.

The media is sensationalizing the racial divide because it sells. Excuse me while I don’t feel sorry for athletes making millions while they lecture me about privilege over skin color. Speaking of, Michael Bennett got real quiet once video showed he was fleeing and ignoring police orders to stop. Just another case where people rush to judgment only to ignore the facts that come later.

You should check your news sources. Some world leaders have heavily praised working with Trump. Then you have our own leaders who sabotage side attempts in Puerto Rico. They threw wide in dumpsters, since they’d rather make Trump look bad than help people.

Obamacare is failing on its own with the premium increases. 24%+ increases were announced right before the election. Everyone ignores Hillary supported Obamacare and peole got huge increases right before voting.

In a nutshell: Hillary would have flown out to California BY NOW for the wildfire victims. Period.

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You can revive it, but it won’t make a difference (at least for me).