It is Muller Time Baby!


Trumputin a kook?

Graham: I think he is a kook in 2016.


Another liar biting the dust!


Oops. I guess that was fake news.


This is a few months old, but highlights the progress against ISIS.


Oh, and the U.K. does have a problem.

They’ll deny it and call Trump racist.


Funny how they hid this until it was leaked. So much for ethics and honesty by the FBI.


Despite the Russian troll on this forum, we need to know the traitor in the white house for what he is: A coward, ignorant and stupid vulgar president who believes Putin rather than the intelligence services protecting us.

But as aides persisted, Trump became agitated. He railed that the intelligence couldn’t be trusted and scoffed at the suggestion that his candidacy had been propelled by forces other than his own strategy, message and charisma.


Hillary spend $1.4B on her campaign. Yet, we’re supposed to believe the whole thing fell apart because Russians spent $300K on facebook and twitter ads? It sounds like Hillary horribly mismanaged her $1.4B if someone spending 2% as much changed the course of the entire election.

Was Russia the reason Trump rallies had thousands and thousands lined up while Hillary could only draw a few hundred?

Even now the media posts fake pics of Trump appearance that are taken hours before the event and posted as attendance at the event. Honestly, anyone who actually pays attention will probably never trust the ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN news. They’ve been exposed as part of the left and complicit in brainwashing America.


The Russian troll came to defend his boss Putin…

Nothing there to see traitor, nothing…just Putin’s arse kissing.

His administration has moved to undo at least some of the sanctions the previous administration imposed on Russia for its election interference,

exploring the return of two Russian compounds in the United States that President Barack Obama had seized — the measure that had most galled Moscow.

Months later, when Congress moved to impose additional penalties on Moscow, Trump opposed the measures fiercely.


This my going to my response whenever Russia is brought up:

Cold war is over and Russia isn’t a threat.


Russia is not a threat. They just should not interfere in our elections.


My Russian mother in law loves Putin… Thinks Trump is cute… same age… I think she is a Russian spy… lol


Putin is a thug. Trump wants to be like Putin but he’s a dumbass. Doesn’t have the smarts. China’s Xi is like Putin, probably even smarter and much more powerful.

Russia is a dying country. It just so happened it has nukes. I still think China will eat into Russia’s Siberia long term. The difference in population on 2 sides of the border is too big and can’t last.


We just gave away Syria to Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. Enemies of Israel.

China just loaned some money to Russia so they could finish some I don’t know what in the Artic.

China’s economy is bound to crash in couple of years. There’s a type of Bitcoin scam they have there that is not well known to the public and in play there are like $80 Trillion I heard.

We also gave China the first place economically speaking when Xi came to the white house and in only 10 minutes made shut the hell up the liar Trumputin. No more “Gina is a currency manipulator”. Pretty weird, the strongest man in the world, as he calls himself, was made to shut up in a condescending way, not without receiving the hand outs by Xi authorizing trademarks for the Twhitler’s family in China. Yes, a good negotiator, for his family, not for the country he doesn’t represent at all.

Putin was hurt financially and emotionally by the sanctions that Obama imposed on Russia. And in the game there are $5B worth of oil. That’s why some people were hired by Twhitler, to make sure he paid his debts to the Russian mafia with lifting the sanctions against Russia. Some hard core republicans notices that and stopped him on his tracks.

There’s love in the air, the love for power and money. Except that one guy got played as a fool big time. That’s the reason somebody we all know was asking if his guy, the Turkey’s foreign agent Flynn could be pardoned or made not worth any investigation. He was his link to the Russian mafia. At the same time, the other foreign agent Manafort, both in legal trouble, thrown under the bus, was playing for the Ukraine government supported by Putin.

Twhitler, has insulted so many people, even calling a republican lady a hooker. He has insulted women, handicapped people, foreign dignitaries, Asians, Black people, Hispanic, republicans and democrats alike. But for some reasons, to show his love for Putin, he seems to lower his pants and get wet any time he meets him.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is really messed up. He either fears the guy or he loves him to death so much that he rather insult America and its intelligence agencies than calling Putin any name, the ones he enjoys using against us the Americans. The day he calls Putin “son of a bitch”, he will gain 1% of my respect. Meanwhile, I will treat him as he treats others, as a SOB. Respect demands respect.

Nice to have a president teaching your kids how to treat others, get that SOB out of here!..right?




We all know the famous “The useful idiot” phrase, right?


Just wow. I guess Obama was the one enabling Russia and Hezbollah.


Psssttt…It’s about Muller time baby!

Don’t you have an Asian, or a handicapped person to mock somewhere? Or a Mexican to call criminal?

You work for Trumputin, don’t ya? Ooh! I forgot, you don’t support him.

And I am Superman! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Who voted third party here?

I know someone voted for this Russian troll…I think his name starts with M…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


You really are a troll. You don’t even read information posted by anyone else.