It is Muller Time Baby!


Twhitler is putting excuses to not show his tax returns as he promised.

Wait! I forgot! He is a liar! And still have supporters? Dang!


I have no deals with Russia. :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

Any intelligent people still supporting this treasonous individual?

The Trump Organization planned to give a $50 million penthouse in the planned Trump Tower Moscow to President Vladimir Putin while the company was in negotiations in 2016 to build the development, four people familiar with the matter told Buzzfeed News.

Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer and fixer, discussed the idea with Putin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, two U.S. law enforcement officials told Buzzfeed.


You just have some sort of mental illness that impacts your ability to read. That or you never read beyond the headline.

“The plan never went anywhere because the tower deal ultimately fizzled, and it is not clear whether Trump knew of the intention to give away the penthouse.”

“Sater told BuzzFeed News today that he and Cohen thought giving the Trump Tower’s most luxurious apartment, a $50 million penthouse, to Putin would entice other wealthy buyers to purchase their own. “In Russia, the oligarchs would bend over backwards to live in the same building as Vladimir Putin,” Sater told BuzzFeed News. “My idea was to give a $50 million penthouse to Putin and charge $250 million more for the rest of the units. All the oligarchs would line up to live in the same building as Putin.” A second source confirmed the plan.”


Wait…I thought Trump didn’t know any Russians…the closest he’d gotten was selling a condo in Florida to an oligarch in 2008…

Honest to goodness, could it be that he lied!?! Well that’s a first…

Trump was right when he said that even if he shot someone on the streets of NY his supporters would still back him. They will never give up because an attack on him has become an attack on them. As long as folks are willing to live in an alternate reality and believe fringe conspiracy theories made up by Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones we have a problem.


Who ever thought Trump didn’t know any Russians?
How could anyone have a multi-billion dollar real estate empire and not know any Russians?


Donald J. Trump :heavy_check_mark: @realDonaldTrump

Russia has never tried to use leverage over me. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA - NO DEALS, NO LOANS, NO NOTHING!


Standard corporate training is that this is a no-no. Goes against FCPA. we have to go through this training every year. even if the deal never came to fruition, the fact that they were planning to do this and thought it was nothing wrong shows an organization that never considered the FCPA (foreign corrupt practices act) an impediment.

btw it’s a fig leaf to say Trump may have known nothing about it. Who goes around giving or even planning to do $50M gifts unless they know the approval will be there (since it’s a norm for their operation) or approval has already been given.


Lots of hypothetical statements…


One thing is to be a political hoe, another one is to be stupid.
This video, from July 2017, I mean, from 18 months ago has a devastating information for those who are smart, not fanatic, dumb, and traitors to this country.

17 times he denied knowing or having any contacts with the Russians.


It’s a waste of time. You won’t make these poor people understand their dumbness. This president can come to their homes, rape their wives, but, still, they will cheer him up for being so honest and so Christian.


I think you are brain dead, how’s that for a change?

17 Times Trump And His Team Denied Contact With Russians


They are not hypothetical but logical conclusions. Just see the track record of the trump crew, they lie all the time to everyone about everything and lie on top of lie as each lie is discovered. JR has had to revise his statements 3 times now? Jared how many times? Why did trump craft the statement on what happened in the trump tower meeting? How many times did Manafort lie? Flynn? Cohen?

At some point follow where logic leads you


The timeline

The shift in understanding of the events of 2016 provided by Cohen is important for a few reasons:

First, it called into question the Trump family’s denials about having business dealings with Russians. Second, it confirmed the Trumps had a channel open with powerful Russians at the same time the Russian government was waging a widespread campaign of “active measures” against the United States.

And third, it put the Russian government and others in Moscow in the position of being able to know, confidentially, the truth about the Trump family’s denials about negotiations over the Moscow real estate deals.

According to Trump Jr. and others who have spoken to Congress, the Trump family was negotiating with Moscow real estate billionaire Aras Agalarov and his family.

Aras and his son Emin also were in the chain of contacts used to convey an offer of help for the Trump campaign from the Russian government to Trump Jr., one that yielded a meeting in New York City in June 2016. Trump Jr. and other top campaign leaders hosted a delegation they believed would deliver dirt on Hillary Clinton.

A representative for the Agalarovs, Ike Kaveladze, also attended that conference on June 9 in New York City. Aras Agalarov asked him to attend, he told Senate investigators. He was briefed beforehand about the presentation he said attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya intended to give, Kaveladze said.

The Russians intended to tell the Trump campaign leaders about what they called a scheme involving American investors funneling money to the Democratic National Committee, Kaveladze told investigators.

The contrasts between Cohen’s statement and Trump Jr’s version of events may complicate potential legal problems for Trump Jr. Although seldom prosecuted, lying to Congress is against the law — as evidenced by Cohen’s plea.




Right, and the Clinton Foundation is a legit charity and wasn’t at all a pay-for-play org. I’m sure the timing of donations and political decisions are all just coincidences. I’m sure Bill’s massive increase in speaking fees once Hillary became SoS was just coincidence. There are no logical conclusions to draw from it.

Mueller has been at this for how long now?


At least the CGI did a lot of good. The trump foundation was a fraud charity that only existed to spend money on trump properties and pay his legal bills. Their board didn’t even meet for many years. And let’s now even start on how anyone that wants a direct line to trump only needs to stay the DC hotel or mar-a-lago. That’s outright corruption


Mueller investigation has been 18 months or so now? Already over 30 are charged. Why is it not a lot of progress? Compared to the Starr investigation which coincidentally Kavanaugh was part of, all they got was Bill’s blowjob?

Through November 2018, the Special Counsel has publicly initiated criminal proceedings against 33 people—six U.S. nationals, 26 Russian nationals, and one Dutch national—and three Russian organizations. Two additional individuals have been charged as a result of referrals to other FBI offices.

This is an investigation that literally goes to the highest level of US government that questions the fundamental integrity of our political system. I’d like Mueller to take all the time he needs to get to the bottom of this.


Isn’t it time for a nap and your milk bottle little kid? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Are you the enemy of Capitalism? Speaker fees are very common after politicians leave government. Are you 13 years old or what? :sweat_smile:

I bet you don’t know how long the over and over Benghazi investigation went on, and on, and on!

Most outlets reporting this factoid have measured the length of the Benghazi investigation by how long the select committee has been in existence – 72 weeks, or roughly 17 months.

And it hasn’t stopped, the idea is still burning in the minds of so many idiots in this country. :smile:


The whole point of Mueller was to prove Trump colluded with Russia. He hasn’t proven anything close to that. He’s also grossly over stepped the bounds of what he’s supposed to investigate.


I see Mueller as doing his job. He is systematically showing that just about everyone in Trump’s orbit has been compromised or could be compromised by Russia because of what they have hidden away. And the number of guilty pleas he has gotten to date shows he is doing his job effectively with no drama or histrionics (unlike the accused - Trump or all the other Republican investigation which never yielded even a fraction of this)