It is now AMZN vs TRUMP (USPS)....Fun!


The post office should charge enough to be self-sufficient. The question is if they do that would they become more expensive than Fed Ex and UPS? The idea behind tax payers subsidizing USPS is it benefits people that live in rural areas. They pay the same rate as people in dense areas even though the actual cost is very different. UPS and Fed Ex charge for that difference.

USPS delivers for Amazon on Sundays. So that’s not a direct competition with UPS and FedEx. But I am sure the postal service is not stupid and willingly lose money. We just don’t know all the operational details.

USPS is stuck with a federal law that mandates they prefund all their pension liabilties, a law that applies to no one else. I used to be a postal supervisor so I know its true. When you add delivering to rural addresses daily it creates a big expense. Don’t get me wrong. The post office does waste as much money as any other government agency, they just have higher expenses.


I would start by telling that 5th grader in the white house to mind his own business.

We should start cutting costs by telling that lazy vulgar, sexual pervert president spending 7 days playing golf that enough is enough.

Dare you to challenge me on this one. The …ther …er said he wouldn’t have time to play golf because he would be stuck in the white house working. As if he knows what worming means.