Italy PM 'set for referendum loss'

Exit poll shows that Italy referendum might have lost already.

Will this improve mortgage rate? Media claims this could be start of EU dissolution, but market has been calm even though poll has be predicting a loss mostly. Maybe media is exaggerating the impact, or maybe an Italy brexit maybe still a long way to go.

The EU is dead.

Is the Euro currency dead, or EU dead?

If the EU dissolves, start the clock counting down to WW3. We are long overdue on another world war.

The currency is dead. Countries gave up way too much sovereignty by having a common currency. I think they’ll still have some sort of trade agreement, but it won’t be as free as things currently are. It’ll greatly increase the cost of doing business in Europe. I’d expect smaller countries to become very local economically (especially if they enact protectionist policies). It just won’t be worth the hassle to do business in them.

I don’t think it’d lead to a WW. Which European countries have a sizable army? I think the Middle East is more likely to lead us there.

I think it’s far more likely to lead to an accelerated race to devalue currency and make government debts more manageable. At this point, that’s the only answer for Europe with declining population. We are 15-20 years away from the same.

Population decline could be reversed by the robotics. I think the low birthdate was due to too many people are working. If half the population stay home, we will definitely have many more babies. In the future, people can have more babies, we can give each parent 5 years of paternal leave. Also we can afford many stay home dad and stay home mom.

Wemen are 50% better than men in knowledge economy, since there are 50% more Wemen college graduates. Maybe in the future, we’ll have more stay home dad to take care of kids and do household work.

100 years ago, most Wemen do not work. 50 years later, maybe most men will stop working. Hope these unemployed men will focus on childcare, household work, exercise, golfing, and not indulge in drugs.

Many family would like to have more kids, but it is too much stress for dual income families. It’s very easy to reverse once robots can replace half of the human workers.

Wemen? Wtf?

Urbandictionary is not a reliable siurxe

Mainstream call women; urban dictionary use Wemen. iPhone capitalized it.

Which is going to win? Wemen or women? Let’s have a referendum. Haha, it’s establishment elite vs populist dumbster

(What’s siurxe? Wtf?)

Unemployed men is a major cause of social instability. …Look at inner cities, the middle east, Europe. .unemployed young men don’t play golf…they are much likely to become criminals, religious fanatics and revolutionaries. …Women working is good for their self esteem, but if they are not working society will survive… .but 25% or more unemployment rates of young men is very dangerous for social stability. …


Maybe let all older married men stay home and take care of kids?

Unmarried men and all young men will be assigned a job, maybe garbage collection, video game testing, year round olympics. Just invent some jobs that do not pay much but keep the crime prone men busy

Human reproduction is a more important cause than men’s right or women’s right.

Young men are increasingly staying at parents’ basements and being all around losers.

Many play video games all day and harass people on Twitter and Facebook. These beta men can’t even get girlfriends, much less making babies.

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Now that I live in San Francisco, am I living in “inner city”?

“Now that I live in San Francisco, am I living in “inner city”?”

More importantly, Do you play golf?

I actually think video games and social media decrease crime…Young potential criminals are too fat and lazy to go out and assault people…16 hrs a day sitting around all day and pretty soon you have no energy to do anything…

Stock goes up, bond is steady. Nobody cares about Italy on the way leaving EU.

Ever since Brexit, financial market is not worrying about euro and EU weakening or dissolution any more. Trump win did not cause a market crash, instead it brought a huge rally.

Apparently the scary predictions before all these referendums and elections are just that, scares for someone’s agenda.

We’ll continue to prosper even if EU dissolves orderly. Economy is the basis for politics, not the other way around. Follow the people is the way to prosperity. A tiny number of elites are not the People. They can’t even influence the election to their desired result, even given huge amount of power, money, media, knowledge, technology and IQ. (Even Jil is praising Trump now, what a surprise!)

Even if EU dissolves, I believe European countries will continue to trade with each other and with the world. Most countries in the world are not part of EU and they all trade with the world.

is it sarcasm or you really think that our/world economy will go up/prosper forever? that party will end soon it just need to convince ppl that everything will be good forever so ppl can go long on stocks, RE, bonds, etc on theirs highs as much as possible and after that unexpected by most population a harsh move down … always was like that and will be like that.

I do not see any logical relation between your comment and my comment. No one mentions how long it would take to go to the next crash.

Seems that your comment is an independent thought and not a reply to mine.