It's Called Supply And Demand, Peter

He has a point though. As an investor, do you want your money to fund talent or the landlords of the talent?

Los Angeles is cheaper but still expensive

Well, why don’t he build some huge housing structure so that he can rent out units for 100 bucks a month? I love it when capitalists complain about capitalism…

LA may be cheaper but the roads there are horrible. We went there last week and the worst roads in the bay area are average roads in LA.

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Title of the article is misleading… his main reason for leaving is…

Thiel said the Southern California move is in large part because he’s fed up with the Bay Area’s progressive politics and also because he’s become increasingly pessimistic about the future of the tech industry.

Writer is not clear what Thiel meant, title is catchy for eyeballs…

It’s not clear if he was grumbling about Bay Area office rents, housing costs or both.

Come on. You know bay area housing isn’t capitalism. It’s socialism which is why there’s such a shortage. Socialism always leads to massive shortages of vital things. Just look at Venezuela.

Oh boy!

I knew it!

I am participating in a Socialist forum! Bunch of Commies owning properties all over :smiley:

Got to go! No love for Socialism, nor Communism, nor chronic Capitalism. Free market is my dream, which doesn’t exist.

Have you driven on a street where you have to turn left, but there’s not a left arrow and you have to risk your neck to cross to your left?

The times I’ve driven on the streets over there, I return home with my nerves in a bunch, a wreck.