I've been investing in real estate since I was 22 — here's why it's one of the best ways to build wealth

Wait a minute. Are you listening to somebody poorer than you? Thought you don’t take sex tips from teenagers.

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I don’t take sex tips from virgins. I’d happily take advice from teenagers.

I actually don’t agree with the article, but sharing it to present another viewpoint.

Why are you preaching to the choir? Everyone on this forum is already a slave to real estate.

There is a renegade band of stock investors here.

What don’t you agree with?

You are one of them.

I don’t agree it’s the best way. It’s a good way for sure.

A very hard business. Buy stocks is much easier, even a 99 year old can do it, so can a 13 year old.

“Let’s not sugarcoat it. For me, it was really tough in the beginning (the housing stuff, not the marriage). I specifically remember spending not one but two Valentine’s days cleaning up after a sewer backup.”

Oh really. I had to spend $15k one time for a broken sewer lateral. The plumber was very happy but failed to earn my business ever again after that…

This woman is the soulmate of @wuqijun. She badmouthed the entire US and only likes BA real estate. :smile:

Florida has bad tenants and Texas has hail storms…

Video in mandarin.

Set them up on a date. Isn’t wqj looking to become a breeder

Another installment of the Chinese lady. I wonder is there another race as RE obsessed as the chinese?

She is talking about investing million dollar properties not few hundred dollars properties in East Bay. So not suitable for wqj.


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Actually I like New York and Los Angeles. People think I only like Bay Area out of the entire America, which is not true. I don’t invest out of area because the overhead cost makes it unattractive, like I’ve stated a million times here already.