Jack Ma told Chinese not to buy houses

Houses would be very cheap in 8 years time


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The google translate is interesting:

“Ma: Do not buy a house, the future house like onions! Eight years after the cheapest house car”

I’m guessing his message lost something in translation.

In the context, onion refers to green onion, in America is known as scallion. In some countries, known as spring onion, technically is a matured green onion.

Not sure why he says “in future, houses would be in abundance like onions”, guess can buy tons of green onions in the wet market and is very cheap… haven’t been to China, so just a guess.
“After eight years, cheapest being houses and cars"

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I am getting more and more fed up with jack. The guy talks too much and increasingly talking nonsense. He was trying to muscle SF express into sharing all its data with him but got rebuffed.

He is violating rule number 1 of Chinese businessman. He’s seeking too much attention onto himself.

I’m not sure if he said any of that at all. That YouTube video looked like a bogus and attention grabbing one.

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Jack is cool. The one I’m actually fed up with is Jeff Bazos.

Haha. I am the opposite. Bezos is the longest term thinker I see among CEOs. Jack Ma is just too full of himself.

I think Ma is actually a pretty humble person. He said that Amazon and his company can both be winners.

His kindness to help and teach others hurt some egos. IMHO, we should applaud a successful guy who is willing to spend his time to go around to give talks and help others. Many people forgot Jack Ma is an ex-teacher and has wanted to go back to the College to teach, is his colleagues and business associates who are dependent on his reputation persuaded him not to. At this point of time, he can’t do what he wants :grin:

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I heard him talking once. He is the shoe shine boy who bought a lottery ticket and became a billionaire type of person. He knows how to talk about being rich and poor at the same time. What a difference with somebody we all know, the petulant person who calls himself a billionaire but stabs the poor people on the back.

I said it before, somebody rebuffed it, if you follow the herd, you won’t get anywhere. You got to think ahead, go forward, go against the herd mentality in order to become unique.

Jack Ma can do whatever he likes now. That’s the privilege of being rich. Really rich.

Is Jack still running his company? His public influence is exceeding all the business leaders. He’s becoming one of the most influential people.

In china you need to defer to the top boss, the party leader. You don’t want to be seen as grabbing too much attention.

He needs to cater to American investors who like attention grabbing CEOs…

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