Jeff Bezos Interview at Economic Club of Washington

Great interview.

Whenever I see Bezos I think of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers.


Quite a bit more bullish on Amazon after watching the interview. Need to keep buying AMZN,

Manch is easily swayed by sweet talks.

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Half way. He uses intuition just like Steve Jobs and Tim Cook. Analysis is not good :grinning: So why are you so concerned about learning algebra? He also bet on people :grinning: really not much point in analyzing fundamentals and technical :rofl:

He has some table stakes. Customers will always want lower prices and faster delivery. The rest revolves around how to offer that and is very numbers driven.

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He is very analytical and crunches lots of numbers. His examples involve numbers. Tons of number crunching for HQ2. Use only intuition? Just want to please the fairer sex.

Haha. He doesn’t crunch numbers. He has people who have people who do that. He asks the right questions though. I did some number crunching and analysis this week that’ll be part of a doc going to him next month.

Analysis is not very useful at inflection points. But luckily most decisions are not inflection point type decisions, or else you will go in circles.

Steve Jobs asked Paul Otellini, Intel’s CEO of the time, to make chips for the iPhones. Intel’s finance team crunched the numbers and much like the Prime modeling Bezos mentioned, results looked extremely awful. In their model volume would be low and costs high. Otellini later said his guts told him to go do it but instead he caved in to the analysis. Years later iphone volume turned out to be huge and because of that costs not as high as predicted.

That decision fundamentally ruined Intel. Intel would never be able to get on the mobile rocket ship. TSMC got all the mobile volume and with it R&D dollars to develop their process. Fast forward to today Intel has forever lost the Moore’s law leadership. Note that Moore was the founder of Intel.


You are too literal :grinning: