Jeff Bezos’s Net Worth Just Broke $100 Billion


The $100 billion milestone makes Bezos, 53, the first billionaire to build a 12-figure net worth since 1999, when Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates hit the mark.

Bezos’s fortune rose $32.6 billion this year through Thursday, the largest increase of anyone on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, a daily ranking of the world’s 500 richest people. Amazon have climbed 5 percent this week alone.


Gates, 62, who has a net worth of $86.8 billion according to the Bloomberg index, would be worth more than $150 billion if he hadn’t given away almost 700 million Microsoft Corp. shares and $2.9 billion of cash and other assets to charity, according to an analysis of his publicly disclosed giving since 1996. The index numbers are based on the close of trading in New York Wednesday. Bezos’s fortune and Amazon share data reflect Friday’s closing trading prices in New York.


Thus the jealousy of a president.


May be he will generous to pay dividend when the stock goes south.

His company market cap of $571 B looks impressive. We need not to be reminded there are many self made tech billionaires overseas whose firms market cap are just trailing Amzn. He seems to be obsessed with his grocery delivery and have failed in the past. Time will tell Amzn’s role down the road.


Unlike zuck, jeff probably doesnt plan to become president yet.


Yeah maybe… However he just bought the most expensive house in DC


Has there being an US President who is a divorcee?


Why does it matter, or does it? I guess the tech billionaires could have more influence on society, but many, as far as i can tell, are lacking the “politics”.


Yes it matters. For conservatives like me, doesn’t like divorced people.


Us has a very high rate of divorce. I dont know if this stance would stand up against the new trends.


No Elon Musk? No Donald Trump?


Donald Trump is married while running for President.
If Jeff wants to run for President, he needs to get married.


I dont think this is likely either, but mostly because of age. People at that age tend to be married.


Bezos is not married?


I dont know if donald trump is conservative’s paradise.

I value family, but i dont know if i would vote with that in mind. I value jobs, growth, technological advancement, science and more. Not everybosy is like that though, certainly.


Looks like he is married, indeed.


LOL…the guy is an atheist. He said it in his book, but the dumbsters fell for him. The idiot couldn’t read the bible. 2 Corinthians walk in a bar…:rofl:

Raped his first wife, made her shut up out of court, she can’t discuss the topic anymore or she gets sued.

Cheated 2 wives. And no doubt he played around the third one when she was pregnant as reposts indicate.

Married the third one while she was with an obscure immigration rap, working illegally as a “hmmmm…model”, you know, those models being naked, in lesbian poses so the world knows America from the back to the crack.

Trumputin should be the aspiration of every kid. And Melania of every girl.

Disregard people hurt in the process. They don’t count. That’s the America of today.



Imagine if he didn’t waste $1B/yr building rockets. That’s crazy to be so rich you can literally blow $1B/yr building rockets, because you think it’s cool.

I’m sure Seattle housing is going higher too with the stock well over $1,200/share. All the people that hired in 3-4 years ago are vesting 40% of their hire grant at MUCH higher prices than when the grants were given.


Cool, maybe we will see stories about whether SF is the next Seattle…