Joe does it again, Low listing to attract bidders!

Even during this peak real estate time, note this LA, Joe does it again, Low listing to attract bidders!

This is like starting the auction with $1 !!!

Was it a winery? How is the 11 acres of land used now? Is it mostly flat or inaccessible hills

What’s the fair market value?

I do not have any idea except this is too low listing. Searched google further, looks like it was previously listed for $10.89M

He has low listed to see the max offer price !

Is that the same guy Joe that used to start at $99K on any property?

That man is insulting the sacred Real Estate business. Homes are not an object to be auctioned.

Is it? :rofl:

Auctions are SOP in Australia… Maybe we use them more here

Why shouldn’t you? It’d be better for both sides probably. Sellers would generally get max price, buyers wouldn’t have to guess at what they should offer.

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I think it’s the same guy I attended an auction type of offering in 2011. He called us with the “show me your best offer” after we offered $235K on a home on 11th St. in San Jose. Of course, we didn’t know if the $275K “best offer” was real. We told him “no thanks”. Sold for $325K.

We fired our realtor that day, “can’t do lower prices” she said.

Well, she missed the $350K deal when we bought our home later on. :grin:

We do not know what is best offer in current market until it is sold.

I attended recent open house, kind of semi-fixer, appliances such as heater , a/c , water heater not working, inspection incomplete etc listed at 1.288m, listing agent gave a comp price to 1.34 m at that area 95124, not great schools area.

But sold to 1.531 m cash offer closed in 10 days !

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