Just started taking courses to be a licensed real estate agent!

So I just started taking courses. I’ve only gone through the first course, deeds and transfers. well that alone was ALOT. I don’t want to get discouraged, I’m nervous. any words of encouragement? advice? i know its not going to be easy and i wont give up.

A word of advice. Every second person in California is a realtor. Therefore, you have a lot of competition. As a realtor, you are essentially a sales person. You must be good in prospecting and closing sales. If you are not good at these (closing sales), there is no point in being expert on legal side (what is a deed or what is a contract) of being a realtor. Have you tried other sales jobs? What was your success rate in closing the sales? If you are not comfortable with being salesperson, this line of work is not for you.