Justice Dept. to Take On Affirmative Action in College Admissions

Seems that White House is taking a lot of actions now

Is the admission policy that disadvantage white students a “racial discrimination”?

internal memo, obtained by the Times, advertised for lawyers within the agency who would be interested in a new initiative that includes “investigations and possible litigation related to intentional race-based discrimination in college and university admissions.”

According to the Times report, the memo does not list any specific group of college applicants could be at risk of discrimination. However, the phrasing “intentional race-based discrimination” is geared towards affirmative action programs that aim to recruit more minority students to the student body.

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It’s about time. Michigan and Texas both lost lawsuits over it. Equal means admission based on merits regardless of race, gender, etc.


This action might actually be viewed favorably by many Millenials. Maybe Trump is trying to attract young Millenial voters

May not quite work out the way people initiating the policy expect. Think it through, easiest way to measure in a quantifiable manner is taking exams. Who are good at taking exams? [btw i don’t equate exam taking ability with intelligence or capability]. Be careful what you wish for and all that.


This will favor Asian applicants who are even more discriminated against than caucasians.


I agree with BA-lurker. Let’s put that mind to work. How about those foreign students? They may see they are not welcome to this country anymore. Remember somebody repeating “America first” but not complying with his own rhetoric, you know, making his hats and his daughter selling all the crap Made in China?

For those who complain about the government (if it’s only liberal by the way) intervening in anything, this topic is hypocritical at the best. That’s all.

Darn me, I thought I read so many times how you, or some of you hate government intervention. Only if it doesn’t favor your line of thought that is…:rofl:

Well, Asian population is 5% and white 63%. In terms of population, 12 Caucasians will benefit vs 1 Asian.

Will this only include public university? Will they target private colleges as well?

UC admission is merit based and race is not considered. However, Stanford uses race heavily

Also merit is not just test score. For elite universities, test score alone won’t differentiate the candidates

I’m wondering whether it’s legal to use wealth and income as an admission factor. The rich and the poor benefits and the middle suffers.

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Not necessarily. You’re assuming that Caucasians apply to colleges in the same percentage as Asians. Almost certainly not true, and almost certainly not true for top schools.

There was a SCA-5 proposal to distribute college admissions by racial population. If CA passes such a law, will it be legal to use race to admit students in CA? Will it be constitutional? How will justice department react?

Yeah, this move benefits Asian applicants as well, no doubt about it. It benefits some minority as well as majority

If it was illegal to admit students by race, why did it last so long and none of the previous administration did anything to enforce the law?

I remember that. It’s a BS law that should be unconstitutional.

They did not say which race they would like to favor. They only said they want to target race based admission.

As far as I can recall, colleges quietly use race to admit and they don’t explicitly say it. They might say diversity, but they never explicitly say which race they favor. It might be a challenge to prove that they actually used race as a determinant. Will justice department be able to acquire internal documents to prove the case? And what could be the penalty?

If justice department can successfully prosecute, will there be many class action lawsuits from millions of past applicants? With billions of dollars at its endowment account, Harvard/Yale/Stanford could be sued for millions by many past applicants?

Maybe some of the people here will get rich from suing the colleges that dinged you because of your race. Buy a house with that money :grin:

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The Harvard case asserts that the university’s admissions process amounts to an illegal quota system, in which roughly the same percentage of African-Americans, Hispanics, whites and Asian-Americans have been admitted year after year, despite fluctuations in application rates and qualifications.

“It falls afoul of our most basic civil rights principles, and those principles are that your race and your ethnicity should not be something to be used to harm you in life nor help you in life,” said Edward Blum, the president of Students for Fair Admissions, the organization that is suing Harvard.

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Everybody here goes into “oh well, what would happen, look it here” when they haven’t seen nor suffered discrimination in the work place.

The USPS aka post office is one example. Go there, look at the badges, you will see the last names Ramos, Lopez, Cruz to mention some. You will see most, if not all of them are Filipino. When affirmative action, they applied as “Hispanic”, when they were Asians. You may/will see no Whites nor Hispanics at all.

Yeah, go to any post office, most of employees are Asians. You wonder why?

This is wrong. A mistake was made, stop the degradation of this country by racial profiling. The same idiots supporting this notion will end hurt. Trust me on that.

So Trump actually is doing what majority of Californians want. Liberals are out of touch with the people

"A whopping 72 percent said state universities should treat all applicants the same regardless of background.

Just 14 percent say certain populations should get preferential treatment.

In the Bay Area, only 10 percent think race should be a factor in admissions.

Affirmative action has been a hot button issue on California campuses for decades."

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My suspicion is that the most helpful thing is paying for college for low-income minority-race individuals, not admitting them to colleges that they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten into.

My experience TAing was that some of these kids just weren’t doing very well and also lacked motivation. I’d bet that they’d be better off as straight A students at a second tier schools than getting D’s at an Elite school.

I repeat, vocational training is a great alternative to colleges for SOME kids. No shame in working with your hands and frankly less people doing it means more moola for you. Money is money. I don’t care how you get it…just get it


Totally agree.

I guess that’s true for any level school–if you’re accepting kids who just aren’t good candidates, the next school down, which will eventually be a vocational school, is a good option.

What I saw who were not good candidates for Ivy league schools being admitted there and then face difficulty doing the work. Not just emotional “I’m a fish out of water–there’s no one here like me” problems, but just not getting the academics problems. Just my experience. There are also certainly some minority kids who are brilliant, but I think that they could’ve gotten in regardless. I don’t think a little stretching of the test scores on the lower side for kids who look very motivated and super promising is a big deal, but I was really surprised at some kids (not many, but some) who pretty much expected me to wire their lab kits for them the day before the lab was due. I was there to help them debug, not do the work for them, and I just wondered how they got in. The worst part is that for them, being the best in an average school would probably have been much better than being the worst in a great school and possibly not even graduating.

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At the end of the day, one shouldn’t go to college (Ivy or junior college) just for the sake of going. There has to be a purpose or goal in mind. Usually, that goal means a job or a career. Obviously, some of our heroes have done well and either dropped out or never went to college. That is not realistic for the average Joe or Jane. Follow your passion and figure out if you can honestly make money or a half-arsed living by following that passion. Who doesn’t know someone who was a career college student. Come on, your life is ticking away…