Kitchen water faucet

The handle to our water faucet broke. I know in our rental they just kept on breaking, so I want to get a good one. What brand(s) are considered the most rugged/best?

Looking for a 1-hole faucet with handle on the top and pull-out spray nozzle like this:

I’ve never seen a handle break. They should last a really long time.

We’ve had two break :frowning:

I guess we get overly excited to shut off the sink. Most of the swing handles like above have a small 3/8"x1/4" piece of metal connecting them. That means that it’s high torque with repeated wear. Not surprised that they break. Rotation handles probably last longer.

Haven’t seen one in my lifetime :slight_smile:

Any brand in HD will do. Buy two sets since you tend to break them :slight_smile:

@Terri have you considered a touchless kitchen faucet? I find mine very handy.

I saw them, but no. I’d like the water to be on when I want it on, and off when I want it off.

BTW: I ended up going with a Moen. The Delta was $100 more and seemed crappier.

But both were not as solid as the Kohler that I pulled out. I’ve actually saved the parts and may try to get a new Kohler of the same design (didn’t have my color anymore though) and replace the inside parts that broke.

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