Krugman: Republicans now can't govern. Trickle effect doesn't work!


It is a clearly untenable position that the Republican Party finds itself in with the recent release of the Graham-Cassidy healthcare repeal bill.

The bill is such a transparent cynical-catastrophe. This is something that is self-evident to most every American, but alas, there’s at least 34 percent of the population that thinks Donald Trump isn’t a complete failure of a human being.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman wrote a scathing op-ed in Monday’s New York Times that explains how “Trapped by Their Own Lies,” the Republican Party is at this moment in history.

He begins by wondering aloud how, after Sen. John McCain’s famous “no,” the Republican Party finds itself once again trying to push through a clearly craven, universally derided healthcare bill, that cannot be defended with any level of merit.

Krugman explains that when your political party makes its entire platform about saying things with zero actionable policy ideas—to achieve political power—you are going to find yourself without any actionable policy. Promising to “repeal” Obamacare while also lying about how you could “replace” it with something better was a lie. <-------:scream:

"But repealing the Affordable Care Act wasn’t the only thing Republicans promised; they also promised to replace it with something better and cheaper, doing away with all the things people don’t like about Obamacare without creating any new problems. Remember, it was Bill Cassidy, not Jimmy Kimmel, who came up with the “Jimmy Kimmel test,” the pledge that nobody would be denied health care because of expense.

Yet Republicans never had any idea how to fulfill that promise and meet that test, or indeed how to repeal the A.C.A. without taking insurance away from tens of millions. That is, they were lying about health care all along." <----------:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

And this lie, while one of the larger and more erroneous ones in the Republican Party’s bag of bullshit, is not the only one. In fact, as Krugman explains, there may not be a single policy issue that the Republican Party can tackle that will not:

a) completely disappoint their base,

or b) destabilize our country’s economic, global, educational, standing.

The next big item on the G.O.P. agenda is taxes. Now, cutting taxes on corporations and the wealthy may be an easier political lift than taking health insurance away from 30 million Americans. But Republicans still have a problem, because they’ve spent years posing as the party of fiscal responsibility, and they have no idea how to cut taxes without blowing up the deficit.<—:face_vomiting:

As with health care, the party has masked its lack of good ideas with lies, claiming that it would offset lower tax rates and even reduce the deficit by eliminating unnamed loopholes and slashing unnamed wasteful spending. But as with health care, these lies will be revealed once actual legislation is unveiled. It’s telling that Republicans are already invoking voodoo economics to justify their as-yet-unspecified tax plans, insisting that tax cuts will pay for themselves by leading to higher economic growth.

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Same as Obamacare, republicans are good at yelling, bitching and moaning but when in control…well…a disaster in the make!

WASHINGTON — In 2001, when surging budget surpluses fueled hopes of extinguishing the national debt, a pitched battle broke out over President George W. Bush’s proposed $1.6 trillion tax cut. Never mind that the tax cut’s 10-year tab was supposed to leave behind more than $3 trillion in surpluses — Democrats and some Republicans said that the tax cut was just too large.

A new tax cut is emerging to rival those of the Bush years, and the deficit hawks have hardly peeped.

“It’s a great talking point when you have an administration that’s Democrat-led,”

said Representative Mark Walker, Republican of North Carolina and the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, a group of about 150 conservative House members. “It’s a little different now that Republicans have both houses and the administration.” <---------:rofl::joy::smiley::smiley:

Weird, this topic should be debated big time. Plenty of stuff to discuss. :rofl:

But emails, Benghazi…and now…Price is right, I mean, the rich guy Price got caught as republicans always do, wasting taxpayer’s money in luxurious trips in private planes as if the airport wasn’t that close to him.

By the way, look at the guy who was elected recently somewhere. A real Comrade like those loving Putin. Plenty of them around.

I keep telling you, those who are in the wrong party, are wrong.

The swamp baby!

Drain the swamp! Or did Twhitler mean he was going to use people from the swamp?

Your daily dose of reality:

But Obama was golfing! :joy:

We need to get rid of that piece of narcissist Hitler in the white house.

Sorry for being blunt, he needs to go!

President &$%^%$, who has threatened press freedoms before, suggested Wednesday that NBC might lose its broadcast licenses following critical stories detailing his behavior.

Gordon Smith, president of the National Assn. of Broadcasters, denounced Trump’s threat on Wednesday.

“The founders of our nation set as a cornerstone of our democracy the 1st Amendment, forever enshrining and protecting freedom of the press," said Smith, a former Republican senator.

What a difference with former president Obama:

Trickle effect? Oh boy! Are still there idiots believing in that crap?

Ask these farmers from Kansas, they will tell you!

Freedom of expression! Yeah!
The coward president is afraid of people telling on him how stupid is to govern.

President Trumpovich required senior White House staffers to sign nondisclosure agreements that extend past his presidency, according to a reported column in The Washington Post.

The Post’s Ruth Marcus reported on Sunday that the staffers were required to sign the agreements during the early months of Trump’s presidency, promising not to share confidential information at the risk of penalty.
Your dictator in the make! Yahoo!

This is like a monologue, i guess.


He is ardent follower of Trump , Providing him a publicity ! :rofl:

Not anymore. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

It just stings to Trumpovich supporters blind to the fact we are losing our country to oligarchs. :wink:

yeah, i know “not anymore” :slight_smile:

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Look. This party is on its way out. It got lost in the corruption of a guy who is hiding all that in a 1% would have sank a candidate for the presidency of the US. They are changing the laws, and putting a face as if they are investigating any corruption at the highest level as they pursued Hillary Clinton with Benghazi.

They are as stupid as your cat.

This piece can tell you how stupid they are. They made a statement saying, and I use an example, that they didn’t find gold in the Everglades, when they were hired to investigate if there were alligators in there. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

You are caught and made me too :rofl:

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Let’s sabotage the thread and create our own dialogue!

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Any immigrant, specially Asians, are proud conservative people from the point of respecting their spouses and believing in the morality of anybody making business with them.

So, any immigrant from that community, as I am an immigrant, should leave their hypocrisy and declare him/herself as a disgusting human being capable of betraying their culture for the taste of money.

Supporting a vile piece of human being is not an example of how you want to make this country better. Supporting a 3 times wife cheater, even when the latest was giving birth to their only child is disgusting.

The Congressional Budget Office confirmed on Monday what many Americans and all politicians already know: The United States is in a deeply precarious fiscal position.

In just one short year, our budget deficit has ballooned by over $1 trillion; by 2028 the accumulated debt is expected to roughly match the size of the economy. If our oversized public debt explodes into a full-blown crisis, no one can say we weren’t warned.

Budget cuts: One plausible solution to the fiscal imbalance-budget cuts-is already dead. The Budget Control Act of 2011 put “non-military discretionary spending”—a category that basically encompasses everything but large social insurance programs and defense— on a path to the lowest levels we have ever seen. Further cuts are off-the-table as a deficit-reduction strategy, as substantially lower levels would effectively mean the death of public investment.

Health care spending: Long-term debt is closely tied to economy-wide health care costs, and by eliminating the individual mandate, Congress just undercut one of the most-effective strategies for holding down health spending—incentives to encourage more families to purchase insurance. In a 2014 paper
I wrote with colleagues Alan Auerbach and William Gale, we projected that public debt in 2040 would grow to about 120 percent of GDP if health costs are kept in check and about 190 percent of GDP if they aren’t. In other words, a fiscal crisis is all but guaranteed if we can’t constrain cost growth in health care.

Tax changes: The combination of cumulative cuts to the IRS budget and an economy increasingly reliant on independent contractors could foster a culture of evasion. IRS audit rates have fallen by about one-third over the past five years. At the same time, many expect workers to increasingly shift their income towards pass-through entities like partnerships and sole proprietorships, which historically have much higher evasion rates than employer-based pay. The combination could further depress tax receipts.

Their leader is an incompetent guy on investing. So, how this country can rely on an incompetent?

Warren Buffett warned students about the perils of using debt and leverage decades ago using Donald Trump as a negative case study.

Buffett was asked by a Notre Dame student about Trump’s business troubles during a question and answer session in 1991. Trump’s Atlantic City Taj Mahal casino filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection later that year.

"Where did Donald Trump go wrong? The big problem with Donald Trump was he never went right. He basically overpaid for properties, but he got people to lend him the money. He was terrific at borrowing money. If you look at his assets, and what he paid for them, and what he borrowed to get them, there was never any real equity there," Buffett said, according to a transcript published by former hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson. "I’ve seen more people fail because of liquor and leverage – leverage being borrowed money. Donald Trump failed because of leverage.

We knew it, didn’t we? Tax cuts were a ripoff. The people who deserved tax cuts aren’t getting that trickle effect the republicans so much love, don’t they?

After U.S. corporations got a big tax cut in December, a flurry of announcements touting bonuses and pay raises for hourly employees raised hopes that the cash windfall would keep flowing down to American workers.

But the sharing of wealth hasn’t been as generous as hoped.
The early payouts, such as one-time awards of $1,000 given to certain workers at AT&T, Comcast and Walmart, and $2,500 in stock awards for Apple employees, were praised by the Trump administration and Republican members of Congress. They trumpeted the awards as examples of how the $1.5 trillion tax cut would result in bigger paychecks for middle-class employees.

But the number of companies letting workers know they are getting a bonus, raise or other form of financial compensation has slowed to a trickle. Most of the extra cash from tax savings is going into the pockets of stock shareholders through dividend increases and companies buying back their own stock in hopes of boosting its price.

Stockholders are people. They will spend the money either by investing in other businesses or buying things. Both create job growth.

In the tech world, employees own shares of the company. So when a company buys back stock to boost the share price, all the employees share in the gains.

Money is far better in the hands of people that can grow it. The government just wastes it then asks for more. That doesn’t create growth. We learned that from Obama’s $800B stimulus bill. Meanwhile we know GDP growth creates jobs. We also know tax cuts accelerate GDP growth. So yes, tax cuts create jobs. They do it far more effectively than government spending. It’s a difference of $80,000 to create a job vs $400,000. Tax cuts are far more efficient at it.