La Cornue Range

In some low end SF neighborhood.

1119 Hollister Ave, San Francisco, CA 94124

What, no matching toaster?

Do you guys actually follow these brands? I only recognize this because someone was showing off a photo of their piece de resistance in the same color, a monster with 8 burners and still wrapped in plastic. He talked about it as if it were a brand new Bugatti. Hopefully it won’t clash with the cabinets as bad as this one does…

I didn’t know anything about these fancy ranges until I came across that listing. It made a special mention in the copy. And then I googled the brand and OMG they are SUPER EXPENSIVE!!! :scream:

Do people actually cook with it or just admire them like pieces of fine art?

Hmm, I guess some really do cook. At least in the case I mentioned the person had a high personal assessment of his culinary skills which so deserved the best range money can buy, apparently :wink:

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There is little correlation of range quality to the cooking quality. The cook is all that counts. My friend works for Purcell Murray. They sell over priced appliances to people that can’t cook and offer them cooking classes.
Most people would be better off putting their cash in treasuries and ordering takeout.
I find perfectly good working ranges for my apartments for free to $50 on Craigslist. $500 new.
I doubt the top of the line range produces better food. But it should for 10,000 times more money


The range is sold, with the house around it, for 1.15M.

This house got the Socketsite treatment.

Down to the studs remodel and only $200k more? There’s no way they made a profit.

Someone commented that La Cornue range alone costs 10k. I still don’t understand why the heck that range is there… :thinking:

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