I don’t see Lamorinda mentioned very often by folks here, with most of the discussion covering SV and SF. I’m starting to think about the next move for our family, and am open to considering different parts of the Bay Area. The move may not happen for a while yet, but I like to plan ahead.

Was curious your thoughts on the area. The surroundings seem to have a natural beauty, and you get a lot more house for your money. Lots look really big, and the schools look good.

Any folks familiar with the area? What are the major differences between the three cities? What are the biggest positives and what are some shortcomings?


We used to have a poster that lived there. He loved it. Great schools and short commute to SF.


Lamorinda is beautiful and everything you mention and it would be good for someone working in the city. However, it is geographically more removed from silicon valley.
Personally speaking, it feels like an upscale bedroom community, not that many companies or business there which I think in turn leads to a lack of a certain energy and vibe. Also, I don’t find it as diverse and I don’t just mean racially, for instance I never saw that many singles or couples with no kids there.
But for many others, all the above could actually be a plus!


Single people and people without kids don’t want to live in a bedroom community. They actually have free time to go out.

All of them have every good schools. Prices are at 75% of Silicon Valley for comparable homes so you are definitely buying at a bargain. You could consider buying if you work in SF or East Bay. However commuting from South Bay might be too long.

I’m actually flipping a house right now in Lafayette. Upscale million dollar flip. Not a cheap place for sure…

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@wuqijun, what attracted you to Lafayette over Moraga and Orinda? I don’t know much about how the three cities are different.

Orinda is slightly better than Lafayette. Moraga is the worst.

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Moraga may go bankrupt and has a terrible commute to the freeway

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Thanks for the info, everyone! I’ll start monitoring the listings that come up and may visit a few times to get a feel for the area.

For me Lafayette wins heads up - much more lively downtown, whole foods, traders joes, bart and the big outdoor mall in walnut creek
Read some of the review here too BPN is a fantastic resource to understand east bay

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Lamorinda is over priced Check out Walnut Creek


Absolutely, more bang for buck in Walnut Creek!!!

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Thanks, guys! Walnut Creek may be an option.

Not sure if the schools are as good, and looks like a bit more time commuting into SF. One reason for considering a move is to shorten the current commute from Fremont.

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Walnut Creek should have a shorter commute to SF than Fremont…

WC does save about 10 min or so each way compared to Fremont. I was hoping to shave at least a good 20 min or so each way off the commute, though, to make it worth the move.

The plus side of anything headed into the Pittsburgh direction is the more frequent trains.

What good WC schools should we target so we can stay put from elementary through high school? Any areas have larger lots?

Stick with 94596 on the Alamo side. That’s the same school district as Lamorinda. 94598 goes to Northgate which is Mt. Diablo. Northgate is also ok, but beware some WC neighborhoods go to worser schools.

I like Tice Valley and Alamo bigger lots unincorporated… county zoning plenty of acre lots
Lamorinda is too cold

@elt1, you don’t understand… we strive for the cold here in Contra Costa… that’s why Orinda is the most coveted :wink:

Orinda is Berkeley without the grit… I actually prefer Walnut Creek

Yes, WC is the place to be :grin: