I’ve seen some land for sale between $5,000 and $15,000 in Lake County.

I’ve done some research, and found that some places have no water due to the water moratorium, and maybe have no sewer either. Others have monthly HOA fees. Some have restrictions on what kind of dwelling you place or build on it.

Aside from that, are there places:
with or without water
with or without sewer
if there was no water, where a well, or I can dig for one
not have any monthly fees
do as I please, things like

pitch a tent?
bring a mobile home or RV?
create an off-the-grid home?

Are these legal, doable options?

All of these are possible and doable, allowed in some places in lake county ! Legal, check with county/city. Appreciation, very small, near zero (CD gives better returns). You need to pay property tax and yearly once complete weed cleaning (to avoid fire danger, mandatory costs you $60-$100).

It is a dead investment, except leisure party using RV or mobile home. If you enjoy lake boating…etc, outing with RV, buy it.

Isn’t Lake County the poorest county in CA?

On any case, where do you get a build-able land 5000 sqft to 10000 sqft for $5000 to $15000 range?

I would suggest whoever wants to buy, better visit the place and see in person. But, again CD is better than buying vacant land.

Looks like 12th from bottom

I actually lived in Lake County in 1978. It is still a rural backwater. Santa Rosa an hour away is the only decent place to be.

“Having lived in Lake County for two years, I think I have somewhat of an opinion by now. I have read all the threads on the website so far, and what I am reading is generally true.
For such a beautiful area, with mountains, tall trees, and such huge areas of space, it is such a shame that it is a drug infested, economically depressed locale. Even though the county is only 35 miles from Santa Rosa, and about the same to the renowed Napa Valley, it has only a winding mountain road connecting it with “civilization”. Hence, the natural hideout for unkempt, welfare and drug parolees.
It seems to be true that it seems to be “in the water” that generation after generation breed the depressing lifestyle described above. Clearlake itself looks like a bombed out remnant of a 50’s style attempt at “lake resort promotions”. Many boarded up buildings, and stores struggling to stay in business. Many strange people walk the streets- not a place you would like to have your car break down in at night.
However, the really only nice “gated” community there is in Lake County is Hidden Valley Lake, and since it IS gated, there is the attempt to keep mischief at a minimum. The crime rate at this development is low, and it is mostly occupied with families with children, who want a sense of community without having to pay the extremely high price of living in Sonoma or Napa counties. It is an interesting combination of “middle class white bread” trying to co-exist with the long standing “welfare and drug” community of Lake County. It will be interesting to see how this develops.”

Read more:

Do want to live in a neighborhood like this? Might as well be homeless in SF. At least you can get $40k a year in social services.

“pitch a tent?
bring a mobile home or RV?
create an off-the-grid home?

Are these legal, doable options?“

Lake County is a meth infested shithole


Here in AZ I picked a county that’s in the bottom third for per capita income. Those places often offer the highest standard of living even unadjusted for how much you spend.
Higher per capita income equals conjestion, crime, pollution, high taxation for poor services and over-regulation. Places you go to make your money but not where you go to enjoy it.

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Discrimination against the poor?

Thanks Jil, I see I need to check with the county and city. Seems there are some strong mixed reviews. Would like to visit one of these days to see what it’s like.

The OP must have seen one of those TV offerings, like the one that famous CHiP program, one of the cops was selling land somewhere, very cheap.

I don’t’ remember where, but it was like becoming a pioneer in a new frontier. It was around year 2,000 I believe.

Better go to Ebay, they sell land in Nevada too. :laughing:

I went to Lakeport, not far from Clearlake. I see, it is very different from SF.

One note, it’s hard getting out there, mostly down a twisty turny 2 lane highway. Maybe its being not so easy to access is part of why it’s priced as it is.

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As of today under contract on 50 acres. I’ll be lucky if it just keeps pace with inflation. I don’t care. It will be like owning a botanical garden. Got my mountain paradise; now I’ll be able to get the high desert experience. Up against the Tortolitio Mtns - all BLM land.

Great plantation. What’s your plan for the land?

Drill a well, put a little 800-900 sq ft home on it, enjoy the desert. Night drive the dirt roads in the monsoon for reptiles; hike the land at night with a UV light for all the scorpions and other neat critters. Get early starts in late spring and fall with plenty of water for hikes into the Tortolitos.

Good thing is that it’s easy to take care of desert :rofl:

Is there possibility for commercial use or residential development?

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I missed this when it was first postd.

Lake County sounds like the perfect place to send SF’s homeless. THey can do what they want, shoot up when they want, have a ton of space and build tent cities up the wazoo.

And it’s warmer than Detroit.

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Pinal county, AZ. Do whatever you want.

We spent one year near that area when I was young. Mount Lemmon and Catalina are cool places to escape to when very hot. Many days spent grilling steaks with my family. Once you lived in the desert environment with its gorgeous night sky, sunrises and sunsets, you get hooked. Enjoy your land and prosper in health.