Landlord insurance for out of state

My landlord insurance policy for Arizona is now more expensive than California. Anyone know a good website or insurance agent for Arizona?

Property insurance correct? A few of us have Geico for our umbrella policies. Worth calling to see if they can help you?

Geico is good for auto insurance. Their property insurance is not competitive.

Ok, just throwing that out there… my umbrella was reasonably cheap though

Property is a different animal than umbrella. Geico doesn’t underwrite property itself but rather resells/services another underwriter’s policy. I should know since I have both auto and home thru Geico. Geico is definitely not competitive for property.

The apartment building we were building in Arizona caught fire and burned to the ground last April. …$20m worth of damage…may have something to do with rising rates in Arizona

20M damage? That’s a huge project.

For this type of development project, what’s the profit margin for investors?

IRR about 25%…240 units…I put in $50k…

The insurance policy rates, will change according to your location. The rate of landlord insurance is more in Arizona, whereas here in California and Florida they are low. Geico for auto insurance, Direct Insurance Network for home insurance boca raton are some of the trusted insurance adviser in the US, you can take the advice of agents while you purchase an insurance. You can compare different insurance policy and the coverage they offer and then select the plan accordingly.

Why is it more expensive in AZ? I have not checked, but how about homeowner’s insurance in AZ? Asking because we have recently retured from Phoenix area and some of us are interested in possibly purchasing there.