Landlords from Milpitas, your turn to act now!

On Tuesday, June 20th, the City of Milpitas will consider a Just Cause Eviction emergency ordinance. If the request is approved by the city council, the item will take effect immediately. The Just Cause Eviction emergency ordinance would apply to ALL rental housing regardless of size, type or year built, including single family homes. The draft ordinance is available here.

SCCAOR opposes Just Cause Eviction. It is not a justified response to the region’s affordable housing shortage. A Just Cause Eviction ordinance does not create or promote new housing and severely limits the property owners’ ability to keep renters safe. To evict someone, you would have to make sure it falls within one of the designated reasons the City has identified. If your reason for eviction is not on that list, you simply cannot evict them. Examples include:
•In cases of criminal conduct, another one of your tenants must testify in court against that bad tenant.
•In cases of lease expiration, you must give a reason not to renew a lease.

If your eviction is legal, then you may evict the tenant as long as you provide relocation funds equal to 5 times the fair market rent. That is $9,750 for a one-bedroom and $12,210 for a two-bedroom.

Attend the City Council Meeting to Oppose Just Cause Eviction Emergency Ordinance
When: Tuesday June 20th at 7pm
Where: Milpitas City Hall: 455 E. Calaveras Blvd., Milpitas CA

Call or Click the email links below to send a message to the Mayor and Council
Mayor Rich Tran - - 408-586-3029
Vice Mayor Marsha Grilli - - 408-586-3031
Council Member Bob Nunez - - 408-586-3024
Council Member Gary Barbadillo - - 408-586-3023
Council Member Anthony Phan - - 408-586-3032

Uh oh, my Big Bro is not going to like this… he left the Fab 7x7 because of the rental laws and now it might follow him to his Milpitas places.

Any pointers on this? I looked at the proposed agenda for the 20th and there’s no mention of this hearing

Whatever happened?

It sounds like the CA Apartment Association saved the day…

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Both Milpitas and Daly City city council have rejected rent control proposal. Since both are Asian majority cities, we can conclude that it’s safe to buy in cities with an Asian majority since rent control risk is low

Fremont and Cupertino are safe from rent control

Sunnyvale has 40% Asian and 43% white. Risk can be low since Asian population is increasing

The point is, none of the posters here went. You know, fight for their brothers in arms. Or, should I say “bothers in arms?” :crazy_face::crazy_face:

Just receiving, never giving. No wonder they, most of the times, are beaten big time. :kissing_heart:

Probably true, so I suggest joining or donating to the various housing associations’ legal funds…

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Exactly. Who wants to show up to a public forum, declare they are wealthy enough to be a landlord, then argue why they have it difficult?

Actually many small landlords are poor and elderly. Many are illiterate immigrants who bought a rental many years ago with a janitorial salary.

Most landlords are not wealthy in Amercia

The equity in the rental makes them wealthy.

Wealthy is not a guilt. No reason to shy away from expressing one’s opinion.

Many tenants are earning high income, young and will become really wealthy

Many homeowners are also wealthy

Most landlords are land rich but cash poor… Every one on this forum is leveraged to the hilt and just counting on appreciation… Can’t eat appreciation. If fact if you cannot refi or sell you are poorer than your tenants…
The tenants rights people are creating a lie and class war fare…


Oh boy! I was right then!

No real estate investment for me. You guys are all broke?

My goodness! :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

Hey, hey, hey, not everyone is leveraged to the hilt. We are holding a considerable amount of cash while all of the property mortgage balances are fairly low and are covered easily by rental income.

Well don’t let anyone know
Don’t you know only poor people and renters get sympathy from our elected officials…

Besides always be prepared for the next recession

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Def agree about on being prepared for the future and the next recession. Frankly, homes have gotten so expensive now that I don’t really want to buy anything anyway. We will sit on the sidelines for something to pop up via private sale.

I don’t think anybody is prepared for what’s coming.

We just don’t know what’s coming. The last recession was hidden by the socialist Bush (per his own party) for 1 year.

Well, if you are holding cash and a fair amount of it you should be fine. Ain’t worried about any lost interest these days.

1.25% at Ally and Barclays… yeah baby