Landlords, the masses will come for your assets

It’s only a matter of time before policies become more anti-landlord and head toward outright confiscation of assets.

Companies are hiring. The jobs pay a livable wage with benefits. The problem is up to 40% of applicants fail the drug test. You have to wonder how many more don’t apply, because they know they’d fail it. These are the people complaining how they can’t earn a livable wage, and they want us to pay for their healthcare. That way they can keep not working and doing drugs.

69% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings. Compared to them, landlords are rich. They’re going to feel entitled to some of your assets, and they are a majority voting block.

Median retirement savings for those 44-49 is $6,200. People didn’t save for retirement, so they’ll vote for more confiscation from those with money.

Pay the ransom money and try to live for another day. Or, become super rich, move to Singapore and renounce US citizenship.


I have the whole EU as an option :slight_smile: I’ve heard Panama is nice too. I’m not close enough to retirement yet. I need this whole process to slow down a bit. It’s mind blowing that we’re going to see our taxes go up, so people using drugs can continue to not work.

Come on now, we are not living in China in the 1960s. Confiscation of assets will not happen. Worst case is that there will be more progressive taxing of the rich and super rich. But even from that standpoint there are European countries taxing the rich way more aggressively than we have it here.

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It’s already happening.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions rolled back a series of Obama-era curbs on civil-asset forfeiture on Wednesday, strengthening the federal government’s power to seize cash and property from Americans without first bringing criminal charges against them.


Your comment reminds me of some white Americans questioning the American justice system and intending to leave the country after OJ got away with murder. Come on, we don’t have time for this.

I am not super rich yet. So not yet ready to leave for Singapore.

By the way I draw a different lesson from the OJ trial. All that matters is money. If you have enough money it doesn’t matter whether you are white or black. To me that’s uplifting. :slight_smile: Getting rich is something I can strive for. I can never be a white dude.

Did anyone watch the HBO movie (maybe it was a mini series) on the OJ trial? The prosecution dropped the ball. They gambled having him try on the bloody glove, and it didn’t fit. That threw everything into question. Also, Furman being as racist as anyone this side of Hitler didn’t help either. The combination of the two completely ruined the case. It made the whole thing seem like a setup job to frame the black ex-husband.

Does marijuana fail drug test?

Trump needs to make the middle class happy again. Without a strong middle class, democrats may become socialists

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Somebody accused me of spreading dumbfounded conspiracies around and look it here! A page made out of the Enquirer… :sweat_smile:

Regarding employees, something new in the bucket.

How about eliminating some over time for employees?