Leader in self-driving cars

It’s not Tesla or Uber.


This is great news!!! We can’t just be consumers…

Tesla auto driving is actually pretty dumb. Its cars are not equipped with Lidar sensor - the KFC spinning bucket you see on every self driving cars. Well, except Tesla. That means Tesla self driving software needs to solve a much harder problem of deducing from visual images alone.

Tesla is just cult worship of Elon Musk.


The funny thing is car companies had the tech for adaptive speed control and automated braking 15 years ago. No one would put it on cars, because they were scared of lawsuits. Air bags saved a ton of lives, but there were also a lot of lawsuits over them. It made all the auto companies gun shy to add technology that could result in lawsuits.

Let Tesla does first. Just stay closely behind. Probably is Apple strategy too :slight_smile:

Tesla is in deep trouble. .Musk is a visonary not an industrialist…Cant produce or inspire his employees to produce…https://capitalandmain.com/mass-firings-at-tesla-raise-questions-1018

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So, air bags came to save lives, but massive shootings and no talk about guns?

OK…makes sense.

As I’ve said, other companies are going to chew Tesla’s innovation. So many car manufacturers are going to make EVs for sure.

I saw GM’s test vehicles a lot in SF. I saw google’s and uber’s maybe once? And no others.

In San Francisco and not San Jose? I suppose the food won out…