Leaving Bay Area .com

These evil realtors even set up a website to lure people away. :rage:


Good riddance. More immigrants coming in to replace them.

That’s a good idea. Why not make money off of the trend?

That means there are people who just want to cash out and move away, with no idea where to.

Join them in Austin. :wave:t3:

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Join me :innocent:

@manch Not too late to join me. The trend is getting obvious. Don’t wait till it becomes an avalanche.

“the top places his clients are moving to are Sacramento, Reno, Portland, Seattle and Denver, among other fast-growing cities and tech hubs across the country”.

How do you compare Sacramento vs Austin?

Didn’t visit Sac but briefly browse the web about it. There are neighborhoods with large houses on large lots. Should be ok if you don’t want to move out of California to no state income tax States.

Austin is cheaper than Sac and so must be less desirable. :smiling_imp:

Conflict of interest :slight_smile:

I have been investing in the Sacramento MSA since 1989. Been very lucrative. Very diverse area with many opportunities. Better weather than Texas. With skiing and the BA close by. Incomparably better than anything in Texas. My latest acquisition in the Cameron Park area has been a delightful discovery. I am now on my eighth career. Vintner. Try growing decent wine in Austin. 100 wineries near my farm. Good Asian food and markets within 20-30 minutes. Including KP international in Rancho Cordova. The best Asian market in NorCal.

Sacramento MSA will be leading area for BA refugees, especially retirees, like it always has been. The migration will accelerate now that the bulk of Boomers are retiring. I am out ahead of the trend, and plan on benefiting from it.


It makes a lot of sense for people who have extended family in the Bay Area. Sacramento is cheaper, but still close enough to visit. Moving to another state means flying back to visit which is more expensive and less convenient.

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You have your own wine labels? I thought wine making is mostly a vanity thing that loses money?

Of course. .We are working on the label. Wine making is a just hobby for rich people, like sail boat racing that I am done with. …My port is real good. Can use it for street cred with my fellow vintners, so I can trade for their wines.

Here the background for the label…