LED Christmas tree lights or incadescent?

I bought a pre-lit artificial tree a couple of years, and some of the lights aren’t working anymore. I have three choices that I see:

  1. Replace all the lights using this:

Pro: Don’t have to undo the string attachments
Con: Takes a lot of time

  1. Replace the light strings with LED lights attaching them to the tree as before

  2. Replace the light strings with LED lights but don’t bother attaching them.

What do you guys think?

Con: LED lights look like starbursts
Pro: They’re supposed to last longer but do they???

Good time to buy a new tree
Or buy one of these

The longest I have noticed so far, Christmas LED lights, is around 5 years and still working. The benefit of using LED lights are cost effective as they consume very low energy compared to incandescent bulbs.

Either you replace or buy new, always use LED choices.

Wow! 5 years on a tree? That’d be great.

I got the device, but had trouble locating the faults. Also, most of hte lights have black on them, so I figure they’re going to all go within a year :frowning:

Speaking of LED lights, btw, I’ve been replacing most of my regular lights with LEDs, and they’re really fantastic. Especially the candelabra lights–they’ve really come a long way. Just bought these yesterday:


Only thing I don’t like is that I see starburst when I look at LED lights. Not a big deal around the house, but cars with LED headlights really drive me nuts. But I do wonder whether an entire string of LED lights on a tree would drive me crazy.