Legacy Preference for University Admission

I heard about this, particularly alumni who donated big $ to schools. Never seen data on this. From this article, there is significant advantage for alumni’s kids for admission


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Students are arguing against something that’d benefit their future children?

Also, purely looking at acceptance rate of the two populations is pretty useless. Maybe people who went to an Ivy League school know what it takes and better prepare their kids? I think you’d have to look at average test scores of accepted legacies vs. non-legacies. That will tell you if there’s a different standard for admission. Clearly these kids haven’t taken much math yet.

Very true. Have a number of friends who have been making $10,000 to $20,000 donations to ensure their kids can get in there. Tthe point the article and students missed is that many of these legacy kids have parents putting down big donations). So they are funding the school the kids are getting into

Really? Even 10k or 20k can help your kids admission chance?

They seem to think so and i don’t doubt it. When you are an alum cutting big checks (and $10,000 - $20,000 is), you get to hang out with faculty and admins in various social events. I am sure that helps somewhat as well

So the parent needs to donate 10-20k per year and even fly to the school to meet faculty/admin? That may at least help to get more info about the admission process.

I thought you need to donate 5M to get an admission.

Dang, what a waste! I contribute to UCLA every year and I have no kids!!! No, I am not adopting any at the moment…