Liberals have given up hope

The arrogance of the left?.They think they own hope…We conservatives hope they are wrong. We hope government its relentless effort to destroy our souls will finally be checked…

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Liberals are old and tired. Libertarians will start a new century.

Forget about all those sentimental rhetorics, serious talk needs to be plain, simple and reasonable. Taking advantage of people’s emotions to lead them to the wrong direction has stopped working.

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Liberals have used a scorched earth policy against anyone that disagrees with them. Trump doesn’t care…He has been immune to their attacks and will be in the future. .The left’s frustration is building. .We will see more attacks and lies…but the pundits are starting to look desparate and pathetic. …

Even Joe Biden says that “we can’t eat equality” when he says that Hillary ran for the president for the sake of running. She was running for herselff, not for the people.

Liberals are disappearing in the younger generation. Even the Decomatic Party is running out of talent and the party has an empty bench with no young talent to fill.

Obama now can’t even retire any more. He will have to work hard to keep liberalism from being forgotten.

Listen Liberal, or why Trump won.