Lime Moving HQ To The Fab 7x7

Of course, welcome to the place to be (watch out for the human waste and needles…)

Sustainable office mural = poop on sidewalk?

Have you seen the Salesforce building video walls in their lobbies? Huge, colorful and very cool…

Lobbies? The cool thing is the video roof they turn on every night. You can see them from far outside.

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No. I generally avoid SF which is a lot easier to do now :slight_smile:

Of course, but at street level the huge video walls they have in their buildings are really vivid and sharp. I am surprised they don’t cause more accidents with drivers stopping to look (when they should be driving ahead)…

I saw a lime car today. It claims free public parking which makes me wonder how they negotiated that with the city. It also says insurance is included.