Listed low, Good Location & Schools, any takers, Builders/Investors?

Good lot size too, what’s your price guess?

My guess is 1.2-1.25M.

Here’s a comp that is backed against a busy street.

Here’s what you can build after.

My guess, this home will go between 1.4M and 1.5M, most likely 1.45M around.

I bought 148888 Cole Dr, San Jose recently there for 1050K

Bigger and better lot and plan to build a 5100 sq feet house over there have been submitted to county.

I would love to buy this one also but so many fools would bid this up so much leaving no margin.

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If Cole is now over 1.5 (according to redfin) why not just sell it and move on? What’s your ARV after construction? Are you counting on continued appreciation?

You are right. Things are changed this year. Last year, I sold a similar (but better) home (like the one showed here) for 1.2M, but now this is sold 1.6M

Cloud is builder/investor and his business is to buy, build and sell !

I was overworking myself so I sold

14508 Nelson Way, San Jose ( Same area )…bought for 1160K and sold for 1.3M but then I wanted to focus on some quality builds.

I belive Cole when built at 5100 sq feet should cross 3M+ ( especially with the finishes and build quality I do ) and that is why I’m just not putting it on market

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Aside from costs, the effort required to build 5k sqft is high. I think once you hit 3M things change. Maybe it’s faster to build in SJ.

Hope it goes well.