Living in a liquefaction zone — the Bay Area's riskiest neighborhoods

In this USGS liquefaction susceptibility map of San Francisco, areas of very high risk are marked in red, high risk in orange, moderate risk in yellow, low risk in green and very low risk are white.

Red: Marina, SOMA, Downtown, Mission Bay, Hunters Point
Yellow: Sunset, Richmond

“Bay area” is more than just SF. If I remember right, downtown SJ is one of the safest places.

If Bay Area is indeed due for the big one, why are people building properties on landfills? Why are they building all these high rises in a liquefaction zone? Why are people bidding up home values to multi million dollar levels? Are people totally out of their minds?

Yes, I think they are! Run for the hills!! Sell all your BA properties as fast as you can and get out of here!!! :rofl:

How is downtown SJ safe???

San Jose is just as vulnerable according to this old article…

Salt Lake City is very safe. Move to Utah, young man and young woman!

Sound smart but is as ignorant as the realtors and RE buyers :rage:
I have verified both my SV properties are not in liquefaction, flood and earthquake zone.

Downtown is in the 5-10% liquefaction risk zone.

Wait… that can’t be. The entire Bay Area is in an earthquake zone.

@hanera, he’s special…his properties are exempt from any form of destruction or catastrophic impact that it is overkill really for him to buy insurance of any kind…:grinning:

Now you guys worried me.

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