Long way to go before the market rolls over again

According to this article, we have years to go. Good time to buy stocks and real estate (or at least hold on to them…)!



This is an opportunity created for millennials. But Gen-X may steal it from the scared millennials. When they are not scared any more, it’ll be good time to sell

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If I am wrong about this call, I will simply cut losses because capital preservation is ALWAYS the number one priority for my clients.

“Everyone hates this market! Even the Bulls I speak to are nervous and have one foot out the door.” sound logical but when you read a bearish article, the statement becomes:
“Everyone loves this market! Even the Bears I speak to are nervous and have one foot into the door.”

Bulls are indeed nervous. I am one of them. So logically the market grinds higher.

I am done with tightening my stops. I have moved my stops up with the market in the last few months. That’s it for now. If my stocks breach the top end of my bracket I will add to my positions.

Market is expecting tax reform. Lower corporate tax will boost stocks. Lower personal tax will also boost spending. Loosening regulation will also boost stocks.

Other than the Trump effect, is there any other fundamental reasons for prolonged prosperity?

Read many companies, such as FANG+many others, revenue growth is high and consist for almost 6 quarters.
This is not Trump effect, but the work done during Obama period, bringing back the country from Brink of failure !

Take the case Amazon, I have been telling buy Amazon since $725/750 range.

Even today, it is not too late to consider AAPL, UBNT and NVDA !

If you want to know more read a book “Finding the next Starbucks”. IRBT & UBNT are my next starbucks !

Trump corp tax is added momentum, but skeptical about his tax cut until it is signed

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Global recovery in progress. Trump is threatening not helping the global recovery, with his isolationist’s policy.
MNCs would ride the global recovery very well so long Trump doesn’t muddle the waters.


China’s growth has accelerated again (if you trust their numbers). Labor force participation is increasing. More Americans are working, so more Americans have money to spend.